The Project #Beautiful_People By @kenartng Models Nigeria’s Ace Music Artiste, Burna Boy


Burna Boy


Art is a gift, being an artist is like being a god; possessing the power to will into existence a whole new universe free of imposed norms.

This is why I admire artists like Ken “KenArt” Nwadiogbu. He starts his project, dubbed “Beautiful People”, with a portrait he did of, and presented to Nigeria’s Ace Music Artiste, Burna Boy.

Marvel as he walks you through the stages and story behind the Burna Boy Portrait & Project “Beautiful People”

Work in progress (completed)…
Model: Burna Boy (Don Gorgon) @burna_rankin
Medium: Charcoal, Pastel and Graphite on paper
Time: 49hours
Comment: Artwork of one of the most prominent artiste in Nigeria

Burna Boy's drawing (3) Burna Boy's drawing (19) Burna Boy's drawing (33) Burna Boy's drawing (47) IMG_20140808_105425 IMG_2323612649474 IMG_2346749814472


Burna Boy

Twitter/Instagram: @kenartng

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More about Ken “KenArt” Nwadiogbu…

The human eye is man’s key to the future. It is why I am bespectacled. It is why I constantly seek the sight of others. Why I seek light. I was born in Lagos State on the 12th of August, 1994. With the gift of vision. I have hence grown to teach myself to see, but what seems innate must be cultured, still. In a plot to effect this scheme, I have sought the simplest tools of modern human expression- pencil and paper. Yet, I covet the eyes of others, that I may see art in more ways than one. This is the beauty of the human eye; to propagate all art. To the delight of others, I have appealed to sight and sense. Most effective, however, is Creative Drawing. My name is Kenechukwu Emmanuel Nwadiogbu. I daresay that I am a blessing. Indeed, many say that I have the ‘Hand of God’.

With keen zeal to impress upon paper the offspring of what I saw, I started out as a monochrome artist, drawing the still life and practicing painting. However, with the passing of time, I answered the riddle to growing a successful art career- Specializing. I then chose to practice more on my pencil work, condemning each stroke, until it had the luster that is perfection. I thus harnessed this speciality with professionalism, merging them concretely into what I called, in 2012, ‘Kenart Creation’’ now a registered business name. However, I’ve had to become more things than one, for a successful business owner must have efficient marketing stratagem and diplomacy; the gift of a leader. In order to attract substantial attention, I have, and currently engage in a free awareness program by drawing portraits of public figures such as Mrs Chimamanda Adichie, Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Sir Segun Toriola, Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy and others, funding these projects by self, individuals and interested firms. Also, aggressive Internet and media campaigns have been introduced, including the official website, Television shows and Interviews, several competitions and exhibitions,and social network platforms (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram,Tumblr, BBM et.c). In business management, it is imperative to display good leadership qualities. Hence, as the Chief Executive Officer of Kenart Creations, I have demonstrated such. This has thus ensured continuity of service and efficiency in costumer delivery and consumer satisfaction. Thus, in appreciation of such qualities, I have been named Ambassador of the leadership training program, the Youth Empowerment Summit (YES), in order to motivate youths and potential entrepreneurs like myself.

There will never be an end to the search of light and knowledge. This is the meaning of life. The reason behind all art, the definition of all art. A 300 level student of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of Lagos, life has only just begun. Yet, my goal is to broaden the scope of Kenart Creation, in my lifelong search for light. Indeed, to see, and give “art with definition”.




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