Stoner Diaries—Episode 7: Old Foes, New Friends




Things were back to normal; in school, at home, and in every other place. Tests have begun in earnest, and my daily struggle is how to memorize all the random crap I’m supposed to know so I can survive in the labor market. I swear, those lecturers say so much crap; it’s so stressful. I stifled another yawn and turned the page I had been staring at for three hours. For some reason, I wasn’t assimilating anything. I even chose the library to read in, so understanding the damned course would be easier but nothing was working. It wasn’t strange to me though, as this was the first time in the new semester that I wasn’t buzzed while reading.

My phone started vibrating on the table in front of me, and two people sitting in front of me turned to shush me. I just checked my phone screen and ignored them; it’s Dara calling me. I silenced the phone and put it back on the desk. Although, things were less awkward between us, I still had trouble acting normal around him. I knew he’d call me back anyway, so for the benefit of the “shushers” in front of me, I took the phone off ‘silent’ and increase the ring volume. So when the phone started ringing again, and Asa’s voice sings out “era ile, era ile….” from the first lines of the Grateful song, I was already expecting their reaction. They shushed me again, but I just picked up the call and walked out of the library.

“Babes, where have you been na? Bukky said you left since 12pm.” Dara said immediately I said hello. I suppressed the squeal of joy that wanted to burst out at his concern for me.
“Library. I went to read.” I replied
“For five hours?” he asked
“Yeah; it’s PSY402. I will read it for ten hours if I have to; I have to pass it. You know how that lecturer is.”
“Okay then; are you still at the library? Let me come there and help you with stuff.”

As happy as I was, I didn’t want him realizing just how dumb I was. As close as I am with all my friends, none of them has seen me sober long enough to see just how lacking of knowledge I am. I discouraged him, and set up a meeting with him later. I knew he’d be heading towards the library, so I changed course and went to the school computer center. I had to keep my mind busy one way or the other, as staying clean for about a week was starting to get to me. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself; getting into the habit, then trying to quit, then getting back into the habit again. I was almost at the center, when I heard people singing. I traced the noise, it was coming from behind the building; it was one of those christian gatherings that took place round campus. I watched and listened to them for a while, and they sounded pretty good; so I decided what the heck and entered into the circle.

We sang for a while and discussed the bible at length, then we prayed and it was closing time. I checked my watch; it was 6:05pm. I was so happy; this was another way to occupy my time – with the things of God, like the preacher said. Maybe if I filled my life with activities everywhere, the hankering for weed would stop. I filled in the first timers’ card that was passed to me, and gave it back to the nice looking girl in front of me, waiting to collect it.

“Eunice will pass drinks around now. Please wait.” she said and smiled right before she turned and walked away. I smiled back and waited for the Eunice to bring drinks, dreading the juice that I was sure all this christian people would be drinking. As expected, someone stretched a plastic cup towards me with juice inside of it.

“You’re welc…” she started saying, but stopped suddenly. I looked up at her wondering why she suddenly stopped talking, and then I froze too.
“Oh my G……!!!” I said before she dragged me out of the welcoming fellowship circle. It was the girl Dara brought the other day; she was a “good girl”??? Dara’s aspiring boo?

“Your name is Eunice?” I said the first thing that came to my mind when we got to the front of the building.

“Yeah.” She replied “Let’s meet for a joint after, I’ll explain things to you.”  I stared at her with my mouth agape. What was she doing here?

What the hell was going on here?


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