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“I’ve let me down, down, down, down… Is there nothing good in me, is there nothing good in me?” ~ Imagine Dragons (Release)

I don’t want to be wealthy like Floyd Mayweather or live in a 66,000 square feet mansion like Bill Gates. I just want to be comfortable like Nobert Young and Caroline King in the uber popular sitcom, Family Circle; which was only the shiznitz on TV that year btw!

You know, have a steady business, own my duplex in a peaceful neighbourhood with a beautiful wife and a couple of well-behaved kids; basically have this life so secure, I wouldn’t really have to worry bout anything aside Lagos traffic, kids bringing bad results from school and not wanting to go to church or visit their “wicked” aunt’s house with me every other month or so.

I had a plan. I was going to continue getting great grades at school —yes! I was a brilliant boy; I topped class in primary —study medicine in UNILAG and become Nigeria’s finest Surgeon.

You know, have Mom say stuff like “My son is now a Dr o…” over tea sippin’ and fashion magazine readin’ sessions with her friends, and they’d be like “Oh wow! I knew he’d be a source of pride to the family; you really trained him well.” and proceed to talking about how their daughters would be suitable partners for me — yeah yeah you got the drill — and they’d all laugh about it while I blush asking if they need me to do anything else for them, more cookies perhaps, before I get back to my studies for my next degree.

I mean, I’d stay glued to the TV watching Doogie Howser, M.D.; the child prodigy in the sitcom who happened to be the youngest doctor in the world solving complex cases and at the end of the day, would sit down to fill his journal on his big blue screened computer — Oh how I longed to own one of those boxes mehn.

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I remember this burning fire in my soul that period. I wanted to grow up so fast, be like those white agbada wearing— yup! Only the doctors wore white shirts and ties —men with glasses who always seemed to have an answer to whatever the presenter on Channels TV asked them, sure as hell like Doogie Howser, oh yes, possessing great mental and physical alertness and precision like Action Man; I wanted to be EVERYTHING!

I’d daydream about my first kiss with the prettiest girl in class— who I never ever talked to because I was a shy and reserved nerd —who, according to movies, would notice and love me just because I always asked the most thrilling questions in class and always scored higher than everybody when it came to dictations, verbal reasoning and stuff. Heck! I remember going outside to buy bread one evening and falling in love— at first sight —with a chic who stood beside me and bought bread too. I never saw her after that moment but I remember how the air got so cool, day turned a bit dark blue and the noise around became background music like on cue.— I think Boys 2 Men’s hit that year.

I’d create, modify and recreate my perfect high school prom, heart deskiboboriboborising valedictorian speech, and how the school might just feel the need to repay me for so blessing the institution with my genius mind, that they’ll present me with a Red Car— of course man no know model then, it just had to be red —and a scholarship to college; where I’ll be under the tree reading one day and this deliciously beautiful, and intelligent Faculty President would drop her Organic Chemistry text book while walking by, and before she bends to pick it up, I’ll help her and she’ll smile thanking me. We’ll end up kissing under the rain, going to those parties you dance at a distance of at least two feet from each other, get married after graduation, work in the same research facility and live happily ever after like Nobert Young & Caroline King in “Family Circle”.— Sweet shey?

But as life would have it, it’s 3am, years later, and none of those things happened.

I am on a totally different path, and I wouldn’t say I’ve been a failure; I’d just say [quote_center]things don’t always happen as we’d imagined them and we just have to confront our current reality in a stoic manner and decide to make the best of it or figure out a way to make things more dreamy, keeping in mind, we are not getting any younger. And our decisions affect the lives of the people around us; whether we want it or not.[/quote_center]— and this is what I have decided to start doing.

I started writing this because I was feeling disappointed in myself, and a little, nah, a whole lot lost.— Like the biblical Lot got Lost in a salty state while fleeing the city of S&G. See what I did there? Thank God for “Super Book” on Super Screen that year o — 845 words later, this has helped calm me down; and realise what I have to do now. I hope someone reads this and feels the same way… Or Nah!

“But it’s a dream that I ain’t seen yet, chasing a dream that I ain’t dream yet, but imma meet it halfway if I keep on walking” ~ Mali Music (Walking Shoes)


I originally titled this series “Diary of a mad, delusional, I want to know everything, obsessive daydreaming insomniac” but Yaba people might not want to left me. So I chose the more “I no dey crase” title: “Diary of an Olodo & the voices in his head”. You see? Lesser Madvil(this is called a portmanteau btw). Okay! I’ll go with “Olodo’s Diary” instead! Sigh.

I’ve not written anything in a while and your comments will mean a lot to me— that’s if you’re not one of those “future leaders” who open a page and say ah it’s too long jor— In fact I’d like to know those who read this; drop a comment lemme add you up on FB, BBM and catch up sometime.

If you’d like to read other stuff I’ve written you can Click Here. I’ll warn you though, my writings depend on my mood; they can be extremely funny and senseless or extremely sad and deep. If y’all encourage me to write more I will make this regular… Nah I’d do it anyway! 😛

Till next time fam! *checks into Arkham Asylum*



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