What Kind of Music is Actually Good For Your Health?

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Holla mi amigos! How are you doing this fine Monday? Great, yes? Even if you say “NO”, it doesn’t change the fact that you will go through all the remaining Mondays this year. Better start loving up to Monday now. I started catching feelings for Monday about a month ago, and now; life is just way easier. It will be the same for you when you accept this day as your day. Okay, I’m rambling; sorry. It’s health day, and we are music people – awesome too; never forget – so we found a way to use music as a means of staying healthy.

Most of you probably already know this,  but the music you listen to has a very big effect on your mental state. As a matter of fact, the music you listen to can affect anything from your diction, in that it helps with your use of the English language among others, to your sight. Apparently, listening to music can help to regain visual awareness for people who have had a stroke, or who for some reason or other have lost their ability to be visually aware. True story.

Studies show that everything from the lyrics, to the tune, feel, and tempo of a song can change a person’s mood; either positively or negatively. With hard rock, grunge music and the likes; our hostility and stress levels tend to increase significantly. It also becomes harder to show care, or have mental clarity or zeal. So for you absolute rock lovers – who I just realized are very chill and care for nothing – it is advisable to tone it down just a bit. I’m no doctor, but a continual increase in these feelings cannot be good for your health. *Stares sadly at Imagine Dragons CD*

Moving on, studies also show that the type of music you listen to can affect your cognitive skills. There’s a theory called the Mozart effect. This theory propounds that listening to classical music can improve your cognitive and visual skills. Genres of music like pop, dance and soft rock are good companions for when you want to exercise. At a moderate volume level, music is cool if you want to study or be creative. Other good effects of “calm” music include a significant reduction in hostility, an increase in relaxation, mental clarity, vigor, and relaxation.

Other benefits of listening to the right music include an improvement in general mood/disposition, confidence boost, it helps to engage your brain, and even if I mentioned this earlier; fitfam motivation. While music is something that everyone definitely enjoys, it may be all wrong for us because we listen to the ones that promote our negative emotions. Therefore, our solution is this; regardless of how much you like a song, if it does make you feel good/calm/happy all over, don’t listen to it. Try as much as you can to listen to the stuff that helps your health.

Or nah. Because life is not that serious and we are young.

God bless you and have a great week ahead.




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