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Without doubt, travel is a constant for Africa’s most populous country., Africa’s Number One Hotel Booking Platform recently conducted a survey on how travels to and within Nigeria are coordinated and we received some very interesting responses.

International Travelers

Our survey shows that the bulk of international travelers to Nigeria are from the United Kingdom closely followed by the United States. Travelers from Ghana and South Africa rank 3rd and 4th respectively and France comes in 5th.

On the other hand, the most popular destinations for Nigerians are South Africa, closely followed by United Arab Emirates. The United States and United Kingdom come in 3rdand 4th place respectively and Ghana, Nigeria’s Anglophone neighbor comes in 5thwhich is not so surprising!

Domestic Travelers

Lagos stands undoubtedly as a major business hub as most of the domestic travelers – a whopping 75% – originate from Lagos. The capital city, Abuja registers 9% of travelers within Nigeria; Ibadan and Port Harcourt both register as 4% of the travelers and the other cities spread across Nigeria register a 7%.

Unsurprisingly, Lagos is the most popular destination for domestic travelers with 64%, Abuja is also a preferred destination for as 11% of the travelers go there. Ibadan and Port Harcourt are also popular destinations amongst other cities across Nigeria.

Most Remote Booking

The most remote bookings to hotels in Nigeria were made from Finland, China, USA and Australia but the farthest in aim miles was from Darwin, Australia (13799 kilometers).

Most Visited Cities in Africa

The two booming cities in South Africa – Johannesburg and Cape Town – top this list closely followed by Cairo, Egypt. Lagos comes in 4th place with 1.33million arrivals and Casablanca ranks in the 5th place.



This survey is based on all the travelers who made bookings through in 2014

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