Independent: Public Service Announcement


Holla! Happy Thursday fam, how are y’all doing?

So, this is to apologize to you lovely readers who spent a better part of yesterday wondering why The tenth episode of Independent was not published. We sincerely apologize for the two week delay, and promise that it won’t happen again. Our resident writer and “poster” of the series; Kemmie Ola was kidnapped.

Lol. JK

But something equally scary happened; hence the absence of series. To make it up to you guys, we are doing a mini quiz session/giveaway for you INDEPENDENT fans on our BBM channel from 12noon to 1:00pm. For those of you who are not on the BBM channel, ntoi; shebi we begged you to join don’t miss out. You can still join us. The channel pin is C0044F945.

Cheers and God bless.

Independent—Episode 11: Crossroads
Independent—Episode 10: Love.... Square?

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