Poetry: Almost A Bride

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Dressed in all white coming out to a crowd of people with happy faces, relishing in your joy as they hold their gazes.

Taking a long walk down the aisle, knowing that your future is far by just a mile.

At the end of the ever endless line, stands the one who makes me feel like I am nine.

Age cannot be our trouble, he is 20 years older yet our love doesn’t wobble.

The walk may take as long it wants, it is worth it because no one ever has two firsts.

There he is all suited in black, though he is grey my man is nowhere near the sac.

The music that plays is that of a love song, I listen to it words and suddenly this feels all wrong.

I am half way from the end and my mind has taken a bend.

I start to doubt if all this is real, do I know what I want or am I about to eat a sour meal.

The crowd staring at me like a trophy, my neck is tight and the room feels very stuffy.

Thoughts of the runaway bride crosses my mind, then I remember good men are hard to find.

“Keep walking” something in me says, you deserve to be happy the sun even sent his rays.

So I looked straight and my mouth formed an arc, a smile came and the troubled thought thrown out back.

The song kept playing with the same lyrics, it wasn’t wrong just the mind and its gimmicks.

Now I approach the end of the aisle, my father hands me out in style.

With joy I am all filled, wife in a bit, a dream fulfilled.

We said our vows and they were like no other, fixed rings and promised there will be no other

Finally we were allowed to kiss, bonded by God our love is all bliss.

This is the story of a new bride, who nearly ran away from her heart’s pride.


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