(SERIES) Chronicles of Lola (Prologue) http://t.co/gYLk2CSUbL

Chronicles Of Lola

Hello fam!!! How have you guys been holding up? Who remembers the Chronicles of Lola? Anyways we are running it again, everyday for the next 10 days we would release each episode, for those who asked for it and those who didn’t read it. This series will keep you glued to your screen, believe me it would be like watching a movie. Here is the Prologue:


This shallow world, this pretty smile on this broken soul. I have tried to scream or cry but it never makes it any better. My conclusions, who I have become, I take full responsibility for. I blame not the world it doesn’t understand my pain, it wouldn’t even understand that I am doing it a favour.

Sometimes I think I am insane, then I remember I am a renegade, an operative gone rogue, a fugitive off the radar. In order to survive I must take drastic measures.

Life is a big circus show, in it we have bigger clowns. Come to think of it life is actually no joke, yes I am a paranoid woman, they say paranoia is a skill it improves longevity. I intend to live long, long enough to make my mission worth its while.

My story will never be told because people like me are believed not to exist in this part of the world, so I’m writing my diary, I am keeping my chronicle. I owe no one apologies, I have no regrets. This is an insight on who I was, how I became who I am, and who or should I say what I will be.

This is the Chronicles of Lola.

(SERIES) Chronicles of Lola EP.1: "Meet Domina" http://t.co/gYLk2CSUbL
The House — Episode 5: The Viagra Saga http://t.co/WTT1WwFzyO

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