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Chronicles Of Lola


Yesterday we got an insight to what this is about,  but do we know the full story? We promised to keep you glued to your screens here we are keeping that promise with episode 1:


I was at the club house, night life in Lagos is the best, not like I have been around the world but I’m sure nothing beats this. So here I am sipping on my favourite drink “Hennessey” and smoking my “Dunhill”, smoking is a vice and believe me I have a lot that I have not been unable to overcome. Did I mention I was alone? I bask in the silent awe of my loneliness, I call it my spaceship, it is sacred, it is a void in which I commune with myself and myself alone, I cherish its poise, relish in the euphoria of its aura, a place where I can exit the world yet in actual sense still live in it.

It has been only three days and he has noticed me already, trailing a man is one of the easiest things to do, they usually have the same routines and mostly take the same routes especially when they run an eight to eight work-shift. I do not deal with names it eliminates any atom of guilt my sorry heart may want to feel, I tag them with numbers and he is Mr9. In the Chinese tradition 9 is a lucky number, let us see what that luck gets him. I also select them at random which makes it impossible to leave a trail, I can feel your curiosity. Do I have your attention? What am I talking about? Guess you just have to find out.

I can see him struggling with himself, somewhere in me I do not want him to walk up to me but then he is who he is “A man”, my lilac mini dress which is bare at the chest isn’t even helping matters. So finally he gives in to temptation and approaches my table. He introduces himself I barely nodded making sure I did no introduction, with his petty and sloppy rhymes he pushes my disgust to its brim,  cut the man some slack she screams from my insides he is in his early 40s. So as a girl on a mission I giggled at every sentence, smiled at every gesture, I even laughed hard at the dry jokes. He then asked how I intend to spend the night, he has pushed the final button and she screams again from my insides “we got him”, I told him I would just go back home and home was at Ikorodu, he asked if he could drop me off, I pretended to weigh my options and agreed after a little more persuasion. After a couple more drinks he was in for the ride of his life, I have made this play, I have written this script and I am ready for production. If you are still confused I would clear it up in a bit.

Its 11.37pm and we are almost at my house, somewhere in nowhere, far from civilization close to extinction, my cave, my den. When we finally got there I asked him if he wanted to take the party to another level before he uttered a word, still with the sloppy lines he told me how he didn’t want to take advantage of a young girl who has had a little too much to drink, if only he knew how lucid I was. For some seconds I was lost in the thought that I may have misread this one, then I looked into his eyes all I could see was a vampire on a blood hunt, then I looked down at his groin, hardened and swollen.

I insisted and at the second attempt he raced out of the car and followed me in, I gave him some more drinks I made sure he was above tipsy then I told him how I loved to dominate in bed I told him how I like it rough, how I like to imprison my men and make them beg, how I would love to break my bed, he seemed to like every word that came out of my mouth, it made him even more horny.

I took him to my Den a room made for his type, before I strapped him to a chair I kissed him so hungrily he roared like a lion, I liked what I was seeing I loved what I was hearing I kept kissing his lips, his neck, I bit his ears lightly , with every bite the monster grew.

It was time to tame this lion so I strapped him to the chair, the chair where 7 others like him were tamed, I then took to those hungry lips again, those lips that have been weakened by the touch of “Domina”, I took his nipples into my mouth that made him roar more, the lioness had a real lion in her den.

I didn’t stop there I kept going down till I got a hold of his hard rod in my mouth, I laced the tip with my saliva or would I say venom, I took him whole in my mouth and slowly made him moan, wince, laugh and roar.

Now because of this oral disgust I was putting myself through, my prey was at his weakest I’m sure he didn’t know what hit him when I bit it, chewed it so hard he screamed but then I had already gagged him with the excuse that his roar will wake the neighbours up. I bit him till he bled, then I tasted the blood and tastes the same every time, tastes like vengeance. I could see the look of confusion on his face, how priceless that look was.

I then brought out my beautiful tools, I always had a thing for drawings but I’m trying not to leave a pattern, I have only drawn on one ‘Mr5?, I will just kill this one, but before his death, I will design his body with so much cuts they would think it was an animal attack, of course it is an animal attack *giggles*.

With every stroke of my blade he cried harder, his tears though muffled was like the Opera to my ears. Then I was done and it was time to finish what I had started, the human heart is the engine to our machine in my little time on this voluntary peace mission I have learnt how to bring a man to death by one strike of a knife to the right place. It is not fun if he dies in shock so I told him why he was in this unfortunate situation.

I am Lola, the voice that speaks within me is Domina and this is my Chronicle. Keep up!

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