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Chronicles Of Lola


Wasn’t the first episode consuming? Well I am sure we all want to know how this all started, in this episode Lola takes us to the very beginning, enjoy:


“Push!!! Push!!! Push!!! Mrs Martins the baby’s head is almost out, just keep pushing”, these were the only words the mid-wife in navy blue uniform kept saying.

Lara was to be due in 2 weeks but as God will have it the baby had its own plans. She is Omolara Martins, daughter and only child of Adesanya Lopez a wealthy business man who found it hard to give his only daughter’s hand in marriage to Bode Martins. Lara and Bode met in university and dated from that time on, after NYSC and working for three years Bode felt it was time to tie the knot with the only constant he had “Lara”. She didn’t think twice before saying YES, what was left was convincing her dad, which she didn’t have to do much of as the only child and no mother around, Chief Lopez would do anything for her.

Lara married Bode and it may have been the worst mistake as Bode was a womanizer and when confronted made a punching bag out of her. She never told anyone, always forgave him for she saw hope, a glimpse of light somewhere that it will all be better. Lara was a virtuous woman, little does that pay in this story I would say.

When she found out she was pregnant she was elated, she felt this was the hope she always dreamt of, she felt having this child may bring down the demon that lives in her one true love. She will name her Omolola (a child that brings blessing), she is too occupied with past thoughts and future imaginations that the mid-wife had to scream at her to bring her back to reality, she pushes with every ounce of strength in her and finally she brings forth life, the baby is born. The hope this world would have she thought, if only she knew how blurry her vision was. Bode didn’t stop fooling around but at least he kept it out of the home front, Lara wasn’t totally happy but now she has a child to quench her thirst for worry.



I was my dad’s pet, mum didn’t conceive after me so I was the only child, I grew up with the best of everything, I was one happy child. Everyone always commented on my rapid growth, and I also did very well in school. I was 16, done with secondary school and already gained admission into the university, it is going to be my first time staying with people that were not family, but then mum is willing to let me go, to let me learn what the world has to teach. After a little struggle I found where I fit, I was not a straight “A” student but I wasn’t also close to the bottom of the class. I was the girl who knew how to party but when to read, I struck a balance in school, adapted fine, carved a niche for myself, even found myself a good clique.

Oh I remember those days, those days I was worry free, I had no burden at all to carry, but then life has a way of making a sharp bend on a straight lane. On this life changing day I was going to celebrate my friend’s birthday at a club, I would be clocking 18 in a week. I was so elated because I knew dad would surprise me I just couldn’t wait. We were at the club already, I couldn’t still get myself to smoke and concluded it wasn’t my thing so I stuck to drinking and dancing my legs off. I had my eyes on this tall guy he just kept shifting base like he was looking for something, I was just waiting for him to get to my table. Then the DJ dropped a jam and in an attempt to rock that song I lost track of him, Oh Shit!!! My eyes just kept moving, looking for him. In a bid to locate my crush someone or should I say something caught my eye, was that him? Was I sure, is this real?

For some minutes I just kept staring, trying to register every element that makes my dad complete. It is none other than him, my father, the man I have looked up to all my life, my supposed hero. There he was kissing, smacking and getting dirty with a girl of my age. I was confused, lost, I didn’t get it, not like I had been drinking much.

I left the club too angry took a cab and went to the hostel, couldn’t wait for morning before I rushed home to tell my mother what the night before had shown me. Little did I know I was making a mistake I would never have the chance to fix, if only. When I told what the night had revealed to me she seemed too calm to be surprised, she definitely knew this was happening, she urged me to go back to school that she would handle it. I didn’t push it, I did as she said, I guess I was mad at her too for condoning such nonsense, I left , I left my mother without even saying goodbye.

Later that evening I got a call from my mum’s friend, I was summoned home, I thought my parents had fought and they needed me. I had the script all written out, how I was going to make him feel like filth, I was consumed by rage. When I got home all I saw was tears, people crying, I was lost, I was scared to ask, was scared to know. I heard my mother died, apparently she slipped, rolled off the stairs and hit her head hard on the floor, before anyone could get to her she had lost too much blood, Intracranial haemorrhage that was the cause of death. The very second I heard the story of my mum’s death something in my head snapped, a new me was born.

I couldn’t forgive myself, every day I thought if I had done things differently, if I had stayed would she still be here? I was the cause of this, I propelled my mum towards her own death, but then if he hadn’t done what he did maybe she wouldn’t have been so lost in thought, maybe she wouldn’t have slipped, maybe she would still be here, alive. I tried to get over it but every time I saw his face or any other man cheat on his wife I felt this hate, this anger, this fury seemed to be eating deep into me.

To cut the long story short Bode Martins was Mr1, it was in his sleep I snuffed the life out of him. Killing wasn’t a skill I knew much of at the time, so I made do with what I had, I triggered his Asthma laced his  pillow with insecticides, sprayed his room with a lot of it, hid his inhaler, locked his door and left him for death.

Somewhere in me I hoped to God he didn’t die because I knew if he did this would be the start of something new, something I wouldn’t ever be able to stop, but he did. He died and since then there has been no going back, I am on a vendetta, I have grown, I have learned, I have been re-born.

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