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Chronicles Of Lola

Now that you know how all this started, are you ready to see life through the eyes of Lola? This episode has an interesting twist to it, just read on and find out why the JINX:


“I am Tony, Tony Nwachukwu. I am a major player in this game of chess, I am the Knight. I have a sore, a sore too deep to heal. I have lost my father to strange hands, he wasn’t a politician he didn’t like to dabble in people’s business, yet he was murdered in cold blood and left in his car which was packed in front of his office, he was left stark naked with his clothes neatly folded on the passenger’s sit. I believe he died a painful death, I believe he died by the hands of a woman, I also know he died a humiliating death.

Oh mother, my dear mother as if she didn’t have more than enough to deal with, she knew her husband wouldn’t take his eyes off anything in skirt, then he just had to die by the hands of one of his mistresses. Her heart was too weak to handle this, she gave up two weeks after, now I am orphaned.

Coincidentally I have lost an uncle and a friend of mine also lost his father, in my zeal to mourn my dad a sector of my mind was open to see a pattern, all these men had one thing in common (they all had a thing for women), I tried to lay my claim to the lawyers that we have serial killer at large but no one believes me, a woman it must be, above 40, maybe divorced or widowed, one who has been hurt too deep, who is set for revenge.

They say I’m having PTSD and it is just my mind playing pranks on me, that I have to let go. How sad, this is the society we belong to, a society where people with these tendencies are not believed to exist. I know who ever it is, she is out there. I just pray that the wind that blew her to my dad, brings her to me, I would want nothing more than to watch her die by my own terms. Until then I should try to have a life…”

Tony works at a construction firm, no serious working relationship just basically work, he has been very reserved since the death of his father, not like he was ever much of a talker. It’s 4.00pm and work has closed, he is really famished so he heads out, he will stop somewhere to eat something. He has this restaurant close to ICM that he wants to go to. He has been there four time already and not for food but for her.

“It is like I’m almost in love, how can this feeble heart fall for the very specie I despise “Women”, how can I fight and look for my father’s killer if I myself seem to be distracted by one? I can’t deceive myself it has been months yet I can’t get a grip of myself when her thought comes to me, she sways with such confidence, I have never seen her smile but I can tell she is pretty, I feel so drawn to her, I even had to ask around about her, I heard she is an orphan, a trust fund baby, she is a reserved person, I even heard she is an artist, that she could draw her way out of trouble. Everything seems to make me fall more, in this complex life beauty comes and it looks all simple. I didn’t see her the last time but maybe I will see her today and if I do I promise to say something, anything, at least make her know I exist. And there she is, she makes black jean and white tee look so hot, I shouldn’t but at the same time I should”.


When I told him my story last night, he was the first person that looked like he understood, he looked like he got why I was what I was. He then made the mistake, he pitied me. Why, am I so miserable that instead of them to understand me they pity me? It’s themselves they should pity, I am doing them a favour, I am putting them out of their miserable life. I did kill him he was ready I guess, I pulled him to his car, put him in the trunk, I didn’t strip him, he was nice, too nice, I didn’t think he deserved humiliation, I let him die in his clothes, I let him die in peace. I parked at a filling station at Ikeja far away from where any of the others were dumped. I threw the key far from the dump site, I went back home to draw. I didn’t really have to work when mum died I inherited all of my grandfather’s wealth and companies, I just basically supervise, I grew an immense love for art, it seemed to be the only thing that helped me express how I feel, the only thing I do that gives me genuine joy, do you know that killing is also an art? In art I found love, in it I have found peace.

“Hi Lola” these were the words that stopped me in my thought. Is this Mr 10, have I unknowingly attracted my next prey? Slowly I turned to see the most handsome human in the world, I don’t know what happened but that moment I felt my heart melt, he is too young to be married, too handsome to notice a sad girl like me but he did and he called me by my name. I then said “Hi” with a smile, believe it or not it was a real smile, I asked what may I call you stranger, he replied “Tony, I am Tony Nwachukwu”.


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