Destination Accra: Where You Should Go This Weekend


jovagoFondly referred to as the heart of Ghana, Accra is a vibrant and engaging city with great people, food and interesting places to keep tourists, travelers and wanderers busy during their sojourn. Though Accra does not boast of as many historical monuments and tourist-attracting features as Cape Coast, the bustling markets, malls and restaurants would satisfy the curiosity of wandering eyes, mouths and legs.

Accra offers a range of options for exploration – for food, in case you prefer fine dining or the camaraderie of dining with locals, the options are open. The nightlife would show you how the youths of Ghana like to relax and end a busy day. In addition to embassies and government buildings, you will find thriving businesses – the fabric stores in Accra are a must – choosing from the range of colorful Kente fabric available is always such a trip for me!


Jovago’s Top 3 Sites

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

In honour of Kwame Nkrumah, this mausoleum is a necessary stop for every traveller in Accra, the beautiful water fountains are quite symbolic for Ghana. Located in downtown Accra, this promises to be aesthetically pleasing to travelers.


Parliament House

This monument was previously used by the British colonizers. The Ghanaian parliament assembled here until 1965 when the new State House was completed. It is quite important in Ghana’s history.


Osu Castle

This old slave castle is seated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and has been the seat of government until 2009 when the seat of government was moved to the Golden Jubilee House.

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Some of the best restaurants are owned by hotels like the Holiday Inn and Novotel. For a taste of the local foods, many restaurants and bars can be found along Oxford street, Osu.

The Accra, Marina and West- End Mall are the go-to places for shopping in Accra. If you crave the hustle and bustle of the local markets, then make your way to Adboboshie and Medina markets.


Fun Facts

Ghana Airways Airplane Restaurant

Ghana’s defunct national carrier, DC-10, had been refurbished into the new La Tante Restaurant DC 10, which is opposite the Marina Shopping Mall at the Airport City in Accra.



Safety: It’s safe to walk around virtually everywhere in the daytime and downtown doesn’t shut down until well into the evening.

Money: Ghanaian Cedis – All International Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM

Exchange Rate:

Country Code: +233

Main Airport: Kotoka International Airport, Accra

Visa Requirement:

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