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Chronicles Of Lola


Hello people, did you enjoy the last episode? If you missed it you can read it here.So last time coincidence or should I say fate brought Lola and Tony together, lets see if Tony last long or if Lola kills him the way she does to the other men:


She offered me a seat instead of a slap, she didn’t seem as cold as she looked, she even offered to buy me lunch. We talked like we had known each other, like we got each other, like we connected far before we met. I suddenly wished the meal wouldn’t finish, or the day would not end, but then it did and we had to go, we exchanged contacts because it was sure we would meet again.

After that day we kept communicating, I left out my pain and she left out hers I guess. I felt it was time I lived, a little flirting wouldn’t hurt, maybe someday I would find my dad’s killer maybe I wouldn’t, but if I have to live everyday knowing that Lola is in my life then it would sure numb the pain.


I couldn’t believe that I was capable of showing affection, I couldn’t believe I could still look at another human being and feel pleasure, after that day we kept up, he was too nice to me, he called often, he showed a lot of care, he cared about the little things. I did hide my pain, I hid Domina deep down somewhere he wouldn’t be able to reach. We went on more dates, we took more drinks, he was the first man who would come into my house and leave alive. He acted like we had something, like there was a link, like he saw something beautiful in this ugly soul of mine.

His hugs makes me feel safe, his lips placed on my cheek has this warm feel. I have waited long enough, I believed it was time, I invited Tony over for dinner, his best food is Egusi and pounded yam, I am a good cook so I did my best.

My doorbell rang, my heart raced, food was set on the dining table, I went to open the door, and there he was, “Hi Lola” I couldn’t answer, my lips were too weak to talk, with these shaky lips I brought myself close enough to place my lips on his, he was shocked but after a couple of seconds he responded, with my lips slightly apart I let him lead, he bit on my lower lip then my upper lip, then my whole mouth, his kiss was so subtle, he was careful when he lifted me from the ground, still kissing me, he laid me on the couch and placed his body on mine, the kisses became steamy, he started to kiss my neck with so much intensity, he slightly bit my ear, and kissed me again.

My nipples now hardened were screaming to be freed from my clothes, like he understood the language of my body he carefully took off my dress and in the same smooth way  peeled off my bra, he chewed on my nipple like a baby looking for milk that wouldn’t come but instead of pain I felt pleasure, his groin now pressed against me makes me realize he wants me too.

I was already dripping beneath, my vision was blurry all I could see were clouds, he was so hard I felt his trouser would tear, I helped him out of it, kissed the shaft of his manhood before I took him whole in my mouth, instead of the oral disgust I usually feel, I felt something different, something pleasurable, his moan made its more exciting, instead of a roar it was like he was howling, like the wolf *giggles*.

Now the only barrier between the flesh in between my thighs and his hardened flesh was my black pant, he took it off so slow I didn’t even notice, slowly he lowered himself into me, slowly and carefully, he was just going in.

When I saw a tear drop from his eyes, I thought I had done something bad, or said something wrong, or somehow maybe Domina interrupted I was scared so scared, all these thoughts and emotions came in just seconds, I then summoned enough courage to ask what was wrong, he replied “why didn’t you tell me I was the first”.


My bad, I am a virgin, I have never given into these pleasures I am experiencing, yes I have use erotic means to end most men, but I have never let them have it, the thrill is watching them die with the urge, I have never allowed myself feel this way but right now I want nothing more than to be ridden beyond sanity, than to have Tony in me, to have him take me somewhere I have never been.

He did ride me to the clouds, slowly he guided me, took me to somewhere beyond my expectations. I screamed, I moaned, I cried, I laughed, and we drove each other to climax I suppose, this night will forever be special, after we were done we just lay on the floor my head on his chest his hands around me, kissing my body at every opportunity. The thought that I have feared most came to my head, the thought that I may be capable of loving a man, that I would be at his mercy, that I would be weakened by his touch. The thought that I would let my guard down.

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