(SERIES) Chronicles of Lola EP.5: “Dark Valentine” http://t.co/gYLk2CSUbL

Chronicles Of Lola


So last episode Lola brought it down by a notch with Guards Down. Do you think she can keep it up? Do you believe Lola is capable of emotions? Would she be able to lead a double life? Stay glued:


I am really worried, the last time I planned a surprise party or anything close to this was real long ago. She bought my line of me not feeling too good, I just hope she is as excited as I am to be here. I have been thinking of a whole lot since Lola, the day we met, the day we kissed, the day she allowed me deflower her.

I have been thinking of how lonely I feel when she isn’t there, how the death of my parents has robbed me of my sanity, humanity, compassion and love. How for so long I have denied myself a shot at happiness, a shot at a sincere smile, a shot at seeing a drop of purity in this decayed world, but no more, no more would I let my thirst for vengeance deny me this feeling in my heart, deny me of this arranged piece in this distorted surrounding. No more excuses…



We haven’t been doing a lot of outings, most times it is just me letting him break my chairs and ride me to insanity. He sounded really worried on the phone he asked me to meet him at ICM I can’t even start to imagine what’s wrong, driving is a big deal for me, I easily get tired of the wheels, I will just take a cab.

My thoughts are running wild because I have never been this attached to anyone. After the demise of my parents I mastered the con of adapting to loneliness, I care so much about him that the slightest hint something may be wrong sets me off balance, it is almost like he has taken every space in my thoughts.

Finally I’m here where I see my so called sick and almost dying boyfriend looking so chic, he conned me into a date, thank God I’m always a killer not like Domina, I mean I know how to rock good clothes, so I don’t look bad at all, in my own opinion I look ravaging hot .

He then says “happy valentine’s day”, I totally lost track of the date not like I have ever celebrated it though. He already reserved a beautiful place in this sexy restaurant upstairs, I can see the whole of Lagos from here, this is me exaggerating but believe me it is worth it.

We chat about the weirdest of things, football mostly. He got me the new Arsenal away jersey and a new set of paint brush as gift, who would have thought it takes just this little to get me totally flushed, I would owe him mine I guess.

It was then the feeling started, the feeling that I am being watched, that someone is staring at me. I looked around couldn’t see nothing so I let go, but I couldn’t concentrate on us chatting or on the food because I was so sure someone was looking.

I then looked opposite our table, it was then I saw it, I saw it winking at me, I could see the lust in its eyes, the swirl of its tongue, the gentle movement of its body to a rhythm only perverts know. There and then I flipped the switch and Domina came into character, I just found Mr 10.

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