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Chronicles Of Lola


So last time someone decided to spoil Valentine’s day for recovering killer Lola and made it a Dark Valentine, how do you think she will handle it, which do you prefer the character Lola or Domina?:


Lola practically does not talk to me anymore, after our dinner that day everything feels different. The way we talked, the sex that night, it is either I rushed things or she saw through me that there was an inner darkness I would not let go of.

I was really bothered with the whole me and Lola thing until I saw the mid-day newspaper “Eagle’s eye”, the killer has struck again. While I am here letting my feelings take control and eat through my stone heart, the killer is counting scores, right now I don’t know what to do. Let go of my obsession to find this cursed soul and hang on to this newly found joy, or let go of love and quench my thirst for vengeance. I am in a fix and I don’t know if anyone can help me…



I have been ignoring him, I don’t reply his text, I don’t pick his calls, I am hardly at home. I don’t know what to say to him or how to act towards him, I don’t know if I can lead these two roles and pass, a killer and a girlfriend.

I let our special Valentine’s Day turn to a black valentine, now I’m letting the demon within me take over. I was so angry that day, mad at the fool, for heaven’s sake he was with his wife couldn’t he have just left that day out. I can’t even stand myself but I must tell how I killed.

When I caught him staring I started flirting with my eyes and he was responsive, I stood up to go to the rest room, somewhere in me hoping he wouldn’t follow, hoping he was just admiring, but he did follow and we exchanged number at door of the restroom, he called that night but I couldn’t pick I was still in the arms of my dear Tony, we didn’t make love like we used to, we had sex, dangerous sex, passionate though but very rough and wild. I was heighten, my killer mode was in full gear, I explored my inner menace hoping that somehow I would stop myself and still it didn’t give enough satisfaction to stop the kill.

When he kept calling and I didn’t pick he left a message saying he would call the next day and he did, we arranged for a meet. I now see my house as so sacred that I wouldn’t bring anyone in anymore, so I let him pick me up at ICM and I told him I love to drive round, he asked where I would love us to drive to, I told him I would like to go to Badagry, from Ikeja that was a long ride but I promised to make it worth his while.

It was just 11.20pm, the night was still very young. He talked a lot, a little more than too much, all I kept doing was thinking of how to end this man that spoilt a well-constructed night, but no smooth or perfect scenario came to mind. We did get there in one piece then I saw this place, I recognized it because I had seen it before and intended to dump one of my preys here, I may as well save myself the stress and do the kill here, I told him I wanted to pee and I’m sure he wanted to do same, it was a long drive and we have been drinking Vodka.

We parked and I went to pee, when I got back he was beside the car, looking at me with those eyes that felt like they wanted to end any little innocence I had left, so I gave something to gaze on, I gave him slow movements, I gave him sexy stares, I popped open a few of my buttons. I told him I felt like getting naughty and he seemed adventurous because he didn’t look scared or complain about the surroundings, I’m sure his thought was “what’s the worst that can happen”, if only he could see the future.

We went to the back seat of the car, he didn’t even let me balance before he placed his hairy moustached face on mine, I responded I parted my lips and let him kiss me, then I kissed him back like he has never being kissed before, I bit him slightly everywhere, I spoke sweet and erotic words into his ear, I made him long for me I made him swollen and hardened, I took his shirt off, made a map with my tongue round his chest, anytime my lips touched his nipple I bit slightly and heard a slight wince, it feels good to know my lips haven’t lost its touch.

I went for his belt, dropped his pants first, then I kissed him on the tip of his erect structure, I kissed him round it, I took it in my mouth and made every entry and exit beyond pleasurable, then I stopped and started staring again, staring at the dumb body part that would cost a wife a cheating husband, and this fool his life.

I told him I wanted to get a condom, I did get protection, my pocket knife it was so dark he didn’t see, the knife was so sharp that with a great force and a good aim I chopped it off, just like that and I let out a good laugh, I let him scream and shout it wasn’t a problem no one would hear, when he established that he was on his own he stopped screaming and I dragged him out of the car and into the bushes he was losing so much blood, how pitiful, he looked sincerely puzzled and I didn’t care, he wasn’t deserving to hear my story, to know how this darkness was formed.

Its 1.50am no one would get to him before he dies but I’m not a fan of loose ends I watched him bleed out for 40 more minutes and when I was sure he didn’t have strength to yell or cry anymore. When I knew he didn’t have the power to fight, when the pain he felt became numb, when he thought it was all over, or he had seen the worst I struck his heart with the same knife and I twisted it, all he could do was watch and all I did was smile.

He wouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes I walked away without looking back. I drove his car and I packed it somewhere at Mile2, I walked father more, flagged down a cab and on my way I tossed the key somewhere it would never be found, and for his body I pray the bush rats do a better art work than I did, good riddance to bad rubbish.

I must have been stupid to have fallen so deep that I forgot I was on a Vendetta, I can’t  change because my lonely and sorry heart has started to have feelings for a man ( the very people I detest). If I do then what happens to the ghost of my mother still hovering around? What lesson am I teaching? I owe Domina an apology she is my one true love, she has been with me through thick and thin, why would I just tuck her away, she was there when no one else was, she pushed when no one else did, I don’t know if this thing with Tony can work anymore.

Mr 10 is gone, and I hear Domina say “looking forward to 11, who is next”?

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