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Chronicles Of Lola


The Demon Within has taken over Lola, she is not sure she wants to let go of her vendetta just yet. Tony too is in doubt of making this love work, because as he is letting in Lola the killer kills more. Do you think there will be a grey area? Lets find out:


It is my birthday in a few days and I have let go of her, I miss her so much, I miss the warm nights, I miss the soft kisses, I miss the good laughs. It is like a part of me is gone, maybe I should just tell her what’s eating me up, let her into this messed up world, give her the choice to stay or leave, maybe it will make it all easy, maybe I would be able to love at the same time hunt this psychotic being that has held my mind captive.

“Tony calls Lola hoping she picks, and somehow she did, they arrange for a date at his place. She agrees to come”.

I can’t wait to let this burden out, maybe telling her would help even if it is just for a bit…


I miss him so much, he even stopped calling. I don’t blame him if he is tired, sometimes I get tired of myself too. Do you know how hard it is to keep Lola and Domina in this body? Sometimes I am confused I don’t know what I’m doing, then other times I’m so determined, filled with this bursting zeal and purpose.

When he called I was so shocked, it has really been a while so I picked up this time. He wants us to see at his place, his voice sounded so hollow, so I agreed to show up. I am sincerely confused I do not know if I am ready to share this dark secret but then if I were ready to do that who more to share it with than Tony?

I may not share all, maybe just tell him how the circumstances surrounding my mother and father’s death may have changed me into something else. He probably thinks he did something wrong, asking himself questions, manufacturing answers, but it’s not him it’s me, that’s what they all say right? This time it’s true I am the cause of this and I’m not sure how to fix it or if that’s even possible.

I am all dressed in a simple teal dress, my hair packed into a pony tail, nowadays we don’t understand the weather in Lagos, it rained earlier today so I’m not sure if to cover up or not, but damn it I would just go without the blazer, I took my last shot of Tequila, it is going to take more than guts and cognac to go through with this.

Then I was out, I flagged down a cab and off to Tony’s, this would be my second visit to his house he stays at Omole (phase2), I am so tensed even if it’s a metro cab with ac on I’m still breaking beads of sweats on my forehead and palms.

After the not too long ride I was at his house, I have tried never to use the word prey for Tony, he isn’t that way to me he is special, he is real, what we have is real. I am here, at his place, I pay the cab guy and off he goes, I wish I didn’t have to do this alone but then I don’t have another choice.

A knock on the gate and Innocent (the gate man) lets me in,  we exchange pleasantries and then little chit chat about work and his family then he says “Oga don dey wait for you”, it’s like everyone can see that I am stalling. It took me five minutes to compose myself and then ring the doorbell and in a split second it was open its like he has been there all through, we hugged and he let me in. He had prepared lunch so he asked me to join him at the dining table, it was a little too quiet and no one was eating so I started.

“Tony I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for putting you through all this, for just snapping like that without any warning or reasons, you see it…” Tony interrupted me and said “Babe I’m the sorry one here, I called you here to explain why I seem a little stiff, you may call it justifying my actions but I call it my story, they say the truth will set us free it’s time to hear my truth Lola”.

Apparently Tony had a story too maybe I would just leave him to go first and draw strength from his before saying mine, then he begins he goes back to when he was young, tells me about his family, about him being an only child ( at least we have that in common), about his parents.

Then I start to hear things, like I am imagining them, he says “Lola I have a sore, a sore too deep to heal. I lost my father to strange hands, he wasn’t a politician he didn’t like to dabble in people’s business, yet he was murdered in cold blood and left in his car which was packed in front of his office, he was left stark naked with his clothes neatly folded on the passenger’s seat.

I believe he died a painful death, I believe he died by the hands of a woman, I also know he died a humiliating death. Oh mother!!! My dear mother as if she didn’t have more than enough to deal with, she knew her husband wouldn’t take his eyes off anything in skirt, then he just had to die by the hands of one of his mistresses.

Her heart was too weak to handle this, she gave up two weeks after. Coincidentally I have lost an uncle and a friend of mine also lost his father. Then Lola in my zeal to mourn my dad a sector of my mind was open to see a pattern, all these men had one thing in common (they all had a thing for women) I tried to lay my claim to the lawyers and police that we have serial killer at large but no one believes me, a woman it must be, above 40, maybe divorced or widowed, one who has been hurt too deep, who is set for revenge.

They say I’m having PTSD, that it’s just my mind playing pranks on me, and that I have to let go. I tried Lola, when I found you I tried to let go I tried to stop hunting, but she doesn’t stop, she keeps killing. Sometimes “us” feels wrong, I feel I have to be doing something but rather I am loving you, other times I just want to let go and have this shot at happiness with you, I love you Lola and now I am in love with you I don’t know what will happen or how I am going to fix this but with you by my side I am sure WE will figure it out”.

Tony bends on one knee brings out something from his pocket and says “Marry me Lola, fill this vacuum, make me whole again, stop me from this madness, take over my life, quench this thirst for something so ugly with something so beautiful, please marry me”.

Even the air in my lungs seem to be turning against me, it took a lot of strength to stay put and hear myself being analysed, then he topped it up with the ring, marry me? Is he even thinking? This is the beginning of my end I am the ruin of

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