(SERIES) Chronicles of Lola EP.8: “Holding on, or Letting Go” http://t.co/gYLk2CSUbL


Chronicles Of Lola


They say the Truth shall set you free, so last time Lola and Tony decided to let it all out. Lola seeming very confusing and Tony feeling like he is doing the right thing. Well, let us just see how it plays out:


They say “coincidence if fate’s favourite tool” I didn’t get that until now, there are more than a million men in the world but the only man I choose to love, the only one I choose to trust the only I choose to live with is one that I have hurt in ways I cannot imagine, a child to one of the men I have ended.

A big applaud to life for screwing me in ways I cannot imagine. He proposed to me, it was like the icing on this death wish cake. I have thought through the week and I still don’t have an idea what to do. I don’t know if to hold on to this wonderful feeling that sees me through the day and makes me sleep at night or let go of it.

We have rekindled old feelings, but my joy is a facade for there is war in my head (my city). Walking away would be easier but then I also want to be happy, I also want to wake up beside the love of my life every day for the rest of my days, I know this is very selfish, if I accept this ring then I have let go of my vendetta, right now I have no idea what would happen next.

In the meantime it’s his birthday and he is having a small gig at his house, so I am on my way to Omole again. The cab driver keeps staring at me from the mirror, finally like he was struggling to talk he says “madam it’s not like it’s any of my business but you are too young to be so deeply lost in thought, whatever it is it would sort itself out, it always does”. Wise words from a cab man, I didn’t say thank you but I’m sure my expression did the Job. Yes things would sort out themselves as for now I’m playing the role of the celebrant’s girlfriend, and believe me now I am one hell of an actress…



I don’t know if I should have done it but then I did it, I asked her to be mine, it sounds a little weird or much in a rush right? But what I feel for this girl feels strong enough to wipe this pain off, it becomes intensified every day, last night I went down on one knee and asked the question. She didn’t say yes, she didn’t say no, she shed tears and told me she appreciated me doing this in private. Then she pleaded with me to keep the ring that she had to think about a lot, consider a lot more, and that when she was ready she would come for it.

Such innocence, such sincerity, such beauty, am I not lucky? There she is in the crowd, looking as stunning as ever, searching for me amongst the crowd. I walked up to her, grabbed her from behind placed a soft kiss on her glossed lips and whispered into her left  ear “there is nothing soft about what I am going to do with you when they all go home”, it’s like she turned red immediately.

I locked hands with her walked her through the crowd and started introducing her to friends, I am not high on the friendship ladder but Femi and David were as good friends as they were family and I did the formal introductions.

They shook her and admired her, I think they liked what they saw, Femi went all “sorry have we met before because I believe u look familiar”, Femi is not a type to forget things so I was sure he was trying to be funny.

We ate, drank and danced, in three hours the house was empty and down to its last guest who would become an owner soon, I couldn’t wait, I grabbed her by the waist planted a kiss that spoke how much my body ached for her she returned the kiss, deep with tongues locked, carefully I took off her skirt without her noticing I carefully laid her on the couch still in this deep rooted kiss, I took off my trouser lowered myself into her and then we met, I heard her gasp a gasp that said she wanted me as much as I wanted her, she dug into my skin with her nails as I rode her with no control whatsoever, I rode her beyond the clouds and the climax was out of this world.

She insisted on going home that night, she had her reasons maybe, but I just hope what we just had wasn’t a good bye quickie because I would give anything to keep doing this every day for the rest of my life.

I am in bed with dreams of a future with the woman I love and the stupid damn phone breaks the ice. Its Femi, why would he be calling me at this time, I sure hope he is ok. I pick up and he goes “Tony now I remember, I remember very well where I know that girl from”.

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