(SERIES) Chronicles of Lola EP.9: “Dooms Day” http://t.co/gYLk2CSUbL

Chronicles Of Lola


The series is almost at its prime, holding on or letting go is a choice Lola has to make. What bothers me is what exactly does Femi know about Lola, guess we just have to find out:


Last night was wonderful, first time I was around so many people. Believe me it was almost perfect, but he just had to spoil it, he walked with such disgusting confidence, he talked with such audacity, old gloat like him.

I believe he is one of Tony’s colleagues, did he miss the introductions I asked myself or the fact that Tony’s hands were super glued to my waist, still he made his cocky and dumb move. I met who would become Mr 11 last night, he flirted with me, taunted my patience with his stares, I wanted to tell the fool off, believe me I wanted to walk away.

I have made peace with my inner demons I have agreed that I may not be able to live like this anymore, I want to marry Tony, I want to make him happy, I want to bring him joy, it is the least I can do after bringing him so much pain.

For every big play they should be a grand end before the curtain falls, what better way to end this insanity than this, a last kill, finish it off where it all started, my house. With it I would wash out every fibre of evil that broods within these ugly fabric, with it I would be exorcised, just one more night and I am done.

I invited Mr 11 over for dinner, told him my folks will be out of town for the weekend so we would have the whole house to ourselves, it is a grand show so the menu was grand. I personally did the cooking, made jellof rice, fried plantain, grilled chicken and fresh orange juice.

He arrived at 9pm, I ushered him in with a hug perceived to be warm, he cupped my butt in his disgusting hands and let out a laugh, a laugh that was a failed attempt to sound sexy, I let him have a good feel then I pulled away walked him to the dining table, asked him to seat, dinner was set, he asked I dished his for him. I didn’t know why until when I was standing beside him, he kept feeling my behind with his hands, I turned momentarily letting out subtle laughs,  my insides were totally burnt but Domina kept saying “keep your cool”.

He munched on the rice asking me to consider culinary school. I ate just plantain watching my weight was my excuse, he talked much about himself I kept gazing at his eyes like I was listening, smiling when I thought it was necessary and pretending to blush when he commented on my body, Domina screams again “he can’t wait”.

When the munching was over I asked what he would like to drink; red wine, white wine, whiskey, vodka, he went for white wine. His choice of alcohol may be the only thing smooth about him, I took the wine off the bar went to the kitchen where I left my cock screw, came back with a clean glass and an open bottle of white wine, he asked to join him so I went back to the kitchen and returned with another clean glass and a bottle of vodka, I wasn’t into soft drinks and he smiled after I said that.

He poured himself the wine drank the first glass, poured himself another one  and went on to comment  on how soft my lips looked  and how he wanted nothing more than  to taste them, that he wanted to _________, he didn’t get to finish that sentence, that was how far his word took him before he slumped. You see in the rice he just ate there was a certain amount of “Succinylcholine chloride” also known as Anectine not an OTC drug but when u have money things become easy. Then let me not forget the wine, yes the wine, there were few drops of “Pavulon” in that, I read somewhere that lacing Anectine with Pavulon weakens your muscle beyond measure yet leaving you conscious of your environment, I took a risk tested it and it worked.

Now he can watch me taunt him, tear his life from him slowly, he couldn’t do a thing about it even if he tried, he wouldn’t have an idea what this was and I wouldn’t explain, let his curiosity be his ruin, I went back to the kitchen and brought out my tool box, I tore off his clothes with my knife, he just lay there struggling but couldn’t get himself to make a meaningful move, I took off my clothes too, teased him with soft and slow dances to the loud soft rock song on replay. It is time for our goodbyes Domina, let us do the world this last favour.



I couldn’t believe it, I don’t know what to say. Why does she do it, what does she need it for, my wife to be is a call girl? What am I saying, for heaven’s sake I was the first person to be in there how is it even possible?

But Femi was so sure, In his words ” I thought we were connected, you know I club hop so I see her a lot, like she was following me, I see her with a lot of men older in age, married men, I recognize her because of that physique I can remember pitying her sometimes, Tony she isn’t who you think she is”. Since yesterday Femi’s words replay in my head, I can’t handle this. I should give her a chance to explain, I should hear her side of the story, if we going to spend the rest of our lives together we should learn to be sincere.

I finished late from work and before I could round up and get my head straight the day was already far gone and the night was in its prime, I couldn’t let this pass today, I left my car at home took a cab to Ikorodu, when I got to the house I rang the bell severally there was no answer. The gate was locked from inside, I had a spare key but I hesitated I would just go and come back later maybe she was fast asleep.

Then I tried to peep into the compound, I was sure I saw something that looked rather familiar, it is the dust black LR, I remember admiring it, its looks like Mr Bode’s car, I’m not dreaming those rims don’t just come with all Land Rovers I am sure it is his. What is Bode doing here at this time, how does Bode know Lola, Bode is a married man isn’t he?

Curiosity took the best part of me and I let myself in with the spare key, locked the gate behind me, as I got closer to the house I could hear loud music, no wonder she couldn’t hear a thing, then I saw her and I was puzzled beyond the Rubik’s cube, the curtains were down but not properly lined so from where I was standing I could see clearly that Lola was without clothes, she was dancing on him, teasing him with does slow steps, he is almost naked too, but he just laid there like he was lifeless, I’m sure he was puzzled by her body who wouldn’t?

I was torn to pieces but I wanted to be sure so I watched, I watched her taunt him with sensual dance steps, I watched her sit him up and tie him to a chair, he just kept looking, I saw her lips move I couldn’t hear what she was saying though, but she had a smile on, this was my woman, the one I chose to spend the rest of my life with and she…

Oh my God, it happened so fast, there was a knife it was in her hands and then there was blood everywhere, she was happy dancing, laughing I couldn’t quite put the pieces of what it was, then she just sat there and watched him breath till his last, I should interfere I should do something but I couldn’t, I was numb, confused and broken.

I watched from behind the flowers as she cleaned up, came out of the house with what seemed like a tool box, put it in the boot of his LR, I watched her drag his body from the living room to the car, I watched my fragile Lola put a dead man in trunk of a car and I watched her drive away. I just sat there when she left, sat on the exact spot she drove off from. I will just wait till I wake up, because this all can’t be real.

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