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Unfortunately people this is going to be the last episode of this series, I have had fun, what about you? Last time it was Dooms Day , now that the end is here what would become of Lola? Will Tony get the revenge he has been waiting for? How are things going to end?: 


I must have been stupid, dumb or totally blind. How didn’t I notice, how didn’t I see that it was her? The woman who I have been searching for is the one I am in love with, the woman who I am dedicating the rest of my life to, is the woman who took the most of my life from me.

It is confusing, and what shocks me the most is that I still love her, her face in my memory still soothes some part of my soul, trying to hate her is like waging war with my soul and spirit, how? How could you love someone so much and hate them much more? Isn’t one emotion supposed to surpass the other?

I couldn’t kill her, I couldn’t even yell at her, talk more of hit her. I can’t even tell anyone this story, who would believe me? What would I say? They say if you have to dine with the devil do so with a long fork. I wined and dined with the devil without cutlery and without clothes, how I live with myself after this is still a puzzle I hope to solve.



“I have seen what you are but I’m confused I don’t get it LOLA are you human, you just killed that man right? You Lola, you that I believed had no strength, single handed you pulled a man to a car, and you put him in the trunk. I even saw knives, do you buy new ones for every kill, I’m sure you have a stack of those somewhere. Why are you letting me blab Omolola? I’m lost, I don’t understand, explain to me, tell me, answer me, or is your mouth too heavy from the hearts you have eaten that it can’t open to talk. What are you? Who are you? Why are you in my life?”

These were his last words to me, I got back from where I dumped Mr 11 and found Tony sitting on the floor in the compound, my head froze, so did my words, I just gazed, I couldn’t say a word I didn’t have an idea what to say, or how to make sense of this to him, he watched me take life from another man, I have broken him again and this time it is beyond repair. He should have just taken my life, he should have brought the menace in me to an end, but then he walked away from his revenge, from his chance of getting his life back, it is like he forgave me when I can’t even forgive myself, he walked away telling me he still loves me.

How could he still love the woman who brought him so much pain, who killed his humanity, who made him see life so ugly at the same time gave him baseless hope? I thought I was a hero, I remember calling myself a renegade, but I have never heard of a villain worse than I, I thought I was finding succour for my wounded soul but in the process I became a lost cause. I have sent a mail to Tony explaining all this, there is no justification for my action but he deserves closure he deserves to know why, that’s if it ever makes sense to him, I hope he heals.

Now with the same skill I used to kill numerous men I shall now bring myself to justice for I deserve no befitting death nor a burial,  I shall kill myself slowly then burn down this house so that every minute till I get burnt to ashes the faces of those that I refused  mercy shall come to view. Who was I to pass judgment, who was I to give back revenge, what was my excuse? Now I die having never lived.

(Lola slits her veins in both hands and she slits herself in the neck, she does this facing a mirror, she has put on the gas for 30 minutes now it must have circulated round the house. She waits to bleed out, tears in her eyes, she doesn’t look away from the mirror, images of everyone she ever killed flashes, with little or no strength she lights the match, and the house is engulfed in fire, its 1.47 am she would be long gone before anyone would notice or call for help)

Life may sometimes control the ones we love or the ones we lose, the ones that come and go, but the story we write after then, the story we read to our subconscious at night that’s all on us. They say “what is done is done”, I believe what is done is never done it lives and breathes within us. The World may never know me, but then you did, you followed my story till I came to an end, you cried with me, you were happy for me. If you are still wondering who I am or what I am, I am Omolola Martins, I am Domina, I am a killer, I have agreed that I had no excuse, no reason, and I deserve no forgiveness, but a little mercy from you may make the judgement subtle. As every grand play must have a grand end so shall the demon and the person come to an End.


Wow that was consuming, thanks to all of you for reading. This may not be the end of Lola but this is definitely the end of this series… Hope you enjoyed it, drop your comments and expect more.

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(SERIES) Chronicles of Lola EP.9: "Dooms Day" http://t.co/gYLk2CSUbL


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