Nigerian Traveler Infographics

Nigerian Traveler Habits: Infographics

Nigeria is  one of  the most  popular  destinations in  Africa,  and as such itshospitality and travel industry is quite large. Quite recently, there has been aboom thanks to the increase in number of tourists and leisure travelers aswell  as the conduct of inter-regional and international business. While theusual tourist destinations are being developed, new destinations are beingdiscovered and disclosed to the world through websites such as,attracting even more tourists. These websites and portals  also introduce andbring the hotels around these areas – even the most remote – to the fore,giving them the opportunity to access a global audience while bringing anunlimited  choice  of  hotels  to  the  fingertips  of  the  savvy  traveler.  Thisinfographic  has  been  compiled  to  show  the  travel  habits  of  Nigeriantravelers, ranging from the average number of days spent at hotels to theextent to which they book in advance.

Room Rates


Across Africa, costs of hotels vary depending on the type of rooms and services that accompany them. It is the same in Nigeria. The survey shows Nigeria has the lowest average amount spent per night in hotel. In Nigeria, the room rates range from as low as $6 (NGN1, 195) to about $528 (NGN 105,100).  There is a hotel to suit every kind of traveler. Nigeria most certainly has the lowest rates in all of Africa, and these low rates do not in any way reflect on the quality. Budget hotels have the basic amenities and offer above average services. The hotels with room rates as high as NGN 105,100 are usually luxury and 5-star hotels and even these hotels give concessions.

Preferred Payment Methods


Although technology in Nigeria is flourishing, the trust for pre-payment methods is still under heavy construction. Most travelers are still skeptical over making online financial transactions and mobile payments with their credit cards. From the infographics, only 17% of travelers who book online prefer to wrap up the transaction through mobile payments or via credit cards. The majority, 83% prefer to make their payments over the counter upon arrival to the hotel. Nigerians seem to still prefer the good old-fashioned way.

Length of Stay


In Nigeria the average length of stay in hotels is 2 days and the longest stay registered was 30 days! It is apparent that most lodgers are business travelers, couples on weekend getaways or visitors attending an event or seminar. Most companies who employ expats do not lodge them in hotels anymore, they take advantage of the cheap housing and estate system in the country and rent a house for their expats rather than pay for as much as a month or two month’s stay in a hotel.

Hotel Bookings in Advance


From the infographics, 63% of travelers they prefer to book less than 7 days in advance for their hotel stay. Next, are the 26% who prefer to book just hours in advance, 6% who book more than a week in advance and only 5% who book just about a week in advance. This results suggest that most travelers in Nigeria take trips on short-term notice or rarely take out time to plan their trips. Most even prefer to pick a hotel when they have already arrived at the location or area.

Room type


Different hotels have different kinds of rooms, and usually these rooms have different rates. The variety offer customers an array of rooms to choose from to suit their needs. In Nigeria, 81% of rooms booked are double rooms (these rooms accommodate two adults), 15% are single rooms for the solo travelers and the other 4% range from rooms that accommodate two adults with kids or a group. This suggest that a majority of the people who lodge in hotels in Nigeria include partners or groups, as most times these double rooms are occupied by as much as 4 people.

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