Safety Tips For Travellers To A Foreign Country


Barring unforeseen circumstances, you should be able to travel in and out of any country in any part of the world without encountering any hiccups. This may be wishful thinking as there is a handful of security threats. Certain countries have gone as far as issue terror threats and travel bans warning their citizens not to visit. Therefore, ensuring that you are safe wherever you visit should be utmost in every traveller’s mind. Jovago, offers tips on how to guarantee your safety wherever you are!

Before you leave


Scan your documents

This is very important as it ensures that you are on a safe side if your documents get stolen. In other words, scan relevant documents like visa, passport, and travel insurance amongst others.  Don’t forget to save them in your e-mail or phone. You must ensure that the travel documents are intact and up-to-date.


Separate your cash

Very few people would be magnanimous enough to give you money when you are stranded. Hence, it is advisable to diversify your cash sources. It is better to hold a little amount for small-scale spending while the larger chunk should be in a safe or at the bank. You can easily use your ATM to withdraw money anytime. So, don’t be careless with your card! In addition to this, find out the cash limit you can withdraw on a daily basis.



Vaccinating yourself against venereal diseases cannot be overemphasized if you don’t want to be embarrass during your travel.  Many countries usually demand clearance certificate for vaccination against Tuberculosis, Measles, Polio, Typhoid and yellow fever.

During your Trip


Avoid crowded areas

Crowded spaces or areas make tourists easy targets for people with unpleasant intentions. At these crowded places, your wallet can be stolen or there could probably be a blast, therefore, avoid such places. Perhaps, you should ask yourself, ‘what would I do if something nasty happens?


Moderate Lifestyles/Charity

Know that that you are not in your country where you are at liberty to do whatever you like. In a foreign country especially for first timers, they are admonished to avoid a lavish lifestyle. This would shield them from attracting attention from unscrupulous individuals. As for charity, avoid giving little or no charity. It is for your own safety!


Send your location to friends

Sending your exact location to friends and families alike would allow them keep track of your movement. It is safety-wise to do this. Perhaps, if something happens, the information you sent to your friends could be useful in helping.


Don’t Do PDA

Perhaps you should visit a destination with your significant other, if you are not in America and some parts of Europe, avoid public display of affection. Don’t even attempt it in Asia especially the Arabian countries. You wouldn’t like the façade of the people watching you.


Take Selfies

Take time out of your vacation to take selfies. You can post them on Instagram, Facebook and twitter.


Rounding off…

The trip is over and you are about to leave, ensure that you have booked your flight ticket while ensuring that your luggage as well as your document, are neatly packed. In addition, don’t be late to the airport. Perhaps, you should negotiate with a taxi to drop you at the airport as early as possible at the airport.


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