#Famefinder, Social Media And The Entertainment Space Of Africa



Fame Finder; A social Networking Hub held its event on the 20th of June 2015 at Terra Kulture , Victoria Island Lagos with Joy Isi Bewaji as the special guest speaker. The organization is co-founded by Theresa Akpeki and Victor Chukwude with the vision to connect the African entertainment practitioners and by extension, global expansion for easy integration and growth through networking in the entertainment industry.

Pam Briggs, a TV presenter anchored the event with a good touch of professionalism. There were music interludes, comedy and an interactive session at the event. Theresa Akpeki, in her overview of the mission of FameFinder opined that the Nigerian entertainment industry is a commodity, one that is estimated to be worth over 17 billion Dollars in the next few years. She said there is a free space in the web and the African entertainment industry is moving to occupy that space through the FameFinder initiative and platform.

FameFinder is the answer to the new demand of spatial entertainment integration in the continent of Africa. Victor Chukwude added that FameFinder is geared towards creating that desired unity in the industry such that connecting with people of like minds especially within the entertainment industry has become the veritable source for making the industry bigger than its current status in the scheme of things.

At the interactive session, Seun Adenuga a social media expert laid professional insight into the discourse when he was asked how to attract customers on social media. He said the best way to attract customers is to be creative, consistent and compelling adding that content must be orchestrated with a touch of the above nuances to create the desired attraction. When he was asked whether nudity enhances followership he agreed but he said the individual must first find out whether it will work for him or her.

Joy Isi Bewaji held the audience spell-bound during her session with her experiences on Social Media. Her story became the sandwich through which the audience found the conviction on the benefits of social media and how it can become a source of fulfilment for the individual and not the distraction and fatigue that a lot of people have harvested from this channel in the last few years. She said with social media we are at liberty to think differently adding that in Nigeria we are usually very uniformed in our approach to the issues of life. ‘The reason you are not getting any money on social media is because you are uniformed. You have to be authentic.’ she said. She opined that the Social Media amplifies who we are and sometimes people don’t really live up to what they portray on Social Media Networks. ‘Social Media amplifies your stupidity too.’ she mused.

Joy said she does not believe in being on all the available social media Networks as it consumes a lot of time to keep up with them. ‘We multi-task on all of these channels and time is frittered away such that we get little or nothing in return to the labor we unwittingly exert.’

On advertising on Social Media Networks versus traditional media joy says social media is the future adding that all her events are advertised only through social media platforms and the results have been amazing. She said that traditional media is expensive and it is dying out gradually. She said in the last few years she has grown into a strong brand through social media usage.

The FameFinder ideology is a laudable one. The proponents of this objective are creative and committed to achieving values that will take the entertainment industry in Africa to global heights and terrestrial integration. The impact of this project are beyond the utmost bounds of human thought.

You can sign up now to the FameFinder platform at www.thefamefinder.com and connect to like minds.

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By Evans Ufeli


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