Are You Straight Or Mixed? Come Find Out Tonight At Club Escape #TwoCanPlay

Two Can Play2

My good friend Vicky introduced me to this very hot and sophisticated lady at her office. Being the guy I know myself to be, I was confident that this girl was mine! All I had to do was charm her. I collected Vicky’s colleague’s number, called her up and so the wooing began. We talked nonstop, one conversation running into the other, like we were meant to be together. Finally our first date came, at one of the coolest bars in Lagos; this was a first step in the right direction.

That night I picked her up and held the door for my lady when it was needed; it was important that she knew she was with a gentleman. At the bar, I couldn’t stop beaming; I told myself “brother, you hit the jackpot”. To show her I was a man of taste, I ordered her drink and mine. She smiled at me and in one graceful move she lifted the glass to her lips, took a sip and her smile faded.

She stood up, took a few steps towards me, said “You must be joking” and left.

I was confused, to figure out what went wrong, I immediately called Vicky, told her what had happened. Vicky laughed so hard and said “I thought you knew these things, a classy lady like that wants nothing mediocre”

“Vicky, I don’t want to lose her, what should I do?” I replied.

“You can redeem your image and be in her good graces again”.

Vicky advised me to take her to Club Escape tonight. It’s another opportunity to give her the greatest tastes of her life… Since she’s the sophisticated type; I’ll have to show her TWO CAN PLAY.

Smiled and picked up my phone- I guess it’s time to prepare for another date.

Two Can Play1

You too should be at Club Escape! Using the hashtag #TWOCANPLAY, join the conversation here to see how it all goes down! : Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: 2CANPLAYNG

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