Upcoming Nollywood Star Gloria Pius Shares On-Set Photos


The act of movie making, roles interpretation, acting has been in existence for centuries…

It is seen as a great form of entertainment..

Over the years, Nigeria Movie Industry has grown tremendously. Movies are being shot everyday and our actors are gradually gaining international recognition and the movies are winning different awards.

Nollywood as its being popularly called here in Nigeria has produced so many stars. These stars are people who have  able to thrive in this business with their skills.

Their acting talent, being able to please the viewers as well as a whole other attributes (i.e their looks, personality, body etc) have made them shun so high and achieve massive success in the industry.

One of those stars is GLORIA PIUS… This sexy actress has been acting for years but professionally she started in 2013.

Gloria is from Rivers state.. A graduate of Therate Arts from the university of Port-harcourt. Growing up wasn’t so rosy for her. She grew up in a family of three siblings and she is the last child.

Her Mother was a workaholic. She was into everything.. Outside being a police woman.. She had bukas. And she and her other siblings all worked there.

Acting for her started in the church.. Being a member of her church’s drama group,  it got so usual and she became quite fond of it.  She then decided to take it further by studying it.

Taking acting fully as a profession was a decision she took early in life and she was determined. This dream was  supported by her family especially her mother!

According to her, her mother is her greatest inspiration. Her mother told her when she decided to take acting up professionally, she said “I have seen u succeed in countless businesses.. You can be an actress if u want. You have the certificate and girl u pretty. So go show the world your talent and blow them away!

Her domineering roles in movies such as Ancient Kingdom,  Nkoli the village girl….  Sex book..  Ladies of vengeance.. Galaxy babes…  Bloody Sunday…  To mention a few says a lot about this fantastic actress talent.

Trust me, you’ll be seeing a lot from Gloria Pius as she is set to be the Next Mercy Johnson. Of course she’s got what it takes, her charming personality with a seductive body to go with it  speaks for her as well as her polished and refined talent on screen.


To know more about this talented actress, follow her on twitter @zazagloria87 and on instagram @gloriapius..

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