5 Movies To Feed Your Desire To Travel

jovago movieDo you have a little time to spare and have been dreaming of a long-deserved vacation? If you do, what is delaying it?

Many people often want to travel for fun and leisure, but either due to a busy schedule, a tight budget or a phobia for venturing out to unexplored destinations, they keep postponing their vacation. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 Online Hotel Booking Portal presents 5 movies that will prompt you to pick your luggage and make that journey!

Out of Africaout of africa

Produced in 1985, this movie arguably unveiled Africa as a tourism and travel destination with Kenya being of the location where the movie was shot. Out of Africa perfectly combines travel and romance to tell a very enthralling narrative while showcasing Kenya’s wild life and tourist attractions. Today, Kenya is a highly-sought-after destination!

Into the Wildinto the wild

The movie is all about adventure and travel. It details the main character’s fascination with nature. He decides to travel into the wild all alone where he ate, hunted and soaked himself in the bowels of Mother Nature. He soon realized that he couldn’t possibly enjoy nature alone and decides to extend an invitation to family and friends. However, there was a twist on his way home. It is a must watch!

Eat, Pray, Loveeat pray love

Julia Roberts, in order to get her life back after a medley of unhappy events decided to travel. She went to Italy to discover the secrets of eating, then to India, where she appreciated the power of prayer and finally to Indonesia where she felt the intensity of loving and caring. Did she discover herself? Just watch the movie to find out.

Midnight in Parismidnight in paris

Paris is one of the most charming and picturesque cities to visit in the world. In the movie, unfolding events send the main character to Paris where he met a couple of friends who took him on a time-travel, back to 1920 France and the odyssey inspires him to meet up with these new friends every midnight. It takes us through lessons in history and showing iconic and tourist sites in Paris.

One Weekone week

What will you do if a doctor says you only have few months to live? Travelling would be the last thing that comes to mind. This was exactly what the main character in this movie did, he bought a bike and travelled. You may not like to travel on two wheels but this is a film that fuels your yearning to travel.

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