K-Peace ~ Living In The Idol House Was Tough, Cut-off From The World

k-peaceKunle Ogunrombi popularly known as K-Peace is the winner of the fifth season of music reality show, Nigerian Idols. Known for his creative infusion of fuji into R’n’B, K-Peace has successful created a path for several other budding artistes to take cues from.

K-Peace recently spoke to E-Rave on his musical background, growing up, and the vast experience garnered from singing as a back-up singer to several Nigerian artistes.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

Fresh from winning the Nigerian Idols, what is the feeling like?

I feel great and excited. When you win what you never expected of winning, you will definitely be excited.

You’ve been around different music and band groups before the Idols home. Would you say that gave you an egde above others in the Idols home?

I joined One Mic like a year ago but before that, it’s been music and I have been singing for 17 years. All I’ve been doing then was stage performances, live music and some other stuffs. Doing live music and rehearsing helped me a lot because it prepares you for the future. All those efforts I invested in my music growing up worked greatly towards my success in the reality show.

You have a fuji feel infused into your style of music. Was it a deliberate attempt to differentiate your music from a host of other artists?

I was never a fuji artist. I started as a R’n’b singer but I realized that this is Nigeria and there must be something Nigerian about you, so, I decided to infuse fuji and R’n’B together. Idols Judge, Mr. Deded Mabiaku named it Fuji’n’B which means the infusion of fuji and r’n’b.

Back in the Idols house, what were the challenges?

The first challenges cames from the songs we were given and the timing for you to learn those songs. At times, you have 2 days or less to perfect them. Before Nigerian Idols, I usually learn one song in 2 or 3 weeks so it was so hard for me to blend into that system. It was hard and you get to meet with different kind of people from different background, different attitudes and you have no choice than just to flow along with them. Also, you are locked down in a place where you cant even go out to do your normal day to day things.

Are you implying that contestants felt isolated in the house?

The boredom was to much and we felt like we were in a prison. You cant go out to do other things even when your friends or family members have important things you have to attend to. We all realized that was what we signed for so, there is nothing to worry about.

Winning Nigerian Idols has given you a platform to leverage on. What is the next project?

I have to continue with my fuji’n’b project which is a genre created specially by me and I am proud to say I originated it. I have started work already on my album and I am getting the required support from the necessary places.

Away from the Idols house, what were the challenges growing up?

It wasnt easy growing up doing back up for some other artistes. I have backed Nigerian music stars such as Yemi Alade, Dammy Krane, Skales, Niyola, Ruby Gyang and so many others. I have worked One Mic Naija and Adrenaline Band which was part of my growing in music. The next step is for me to take a cue from those things I’ve learnt in the past then face the big step.

Winning Nigerian Idols has brought you popularity in the Nigerian music scene. Has it taken anything away from you?

I have always been around music and winning hasn’t taken anything away from me. It has only given me more responsibility to strive to meet the demands of those who love my style of music.

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