Hey You Single Folks, Search No More These Are 6 Sure Spots to Meet ‘The One’ In Lagos

Husband and wife in park
Husband and wife in park

Lagos has a way of keeping you super busy. Very often, you are caught  between weaving through traffic that never lets up and meeting deadlines at school or work. While spending time wandering Lagos’ many restaurants, bars, and fun spots solo does not exactly sound like an idea of a good time, it presents great avenues to meet a soul mate.

If you need help with ideas on how and where to meet ‘ The One” in Lagos, Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking site has the best spots.


Shoprite is the most popular shopping center in the city with locations in key areas of the metropolis; providing a surprising variety of opportunities to meet members of the opposite sex.

Single men and women in Lagos prefer a rush in to pick needed groceries after work, or in the morning on weekends. Chances are you’ll find someone who lives in your neighbor or likes the same flavours of spices or same cereal you do.

The good thing about Shoprite is that all its outlets are situated in malls with eateries next door. If things are going well, you can say “Hey, listen, I feel like going to grab a sharwarma at the food court, Come with me.” Instant dates change the dynamic as you get a chance to flirt, banter and get that number.

Soul lounge

A bar may be one of the most cliched ways to find a date, but it still works.

Soul lounge is not the trendiest bar in Lagos at the moment but, it exudes a certain blend of sophistication and tranquility, and you rarely find women in indecent dressing or quirky men in shiny shirts at the lounge.

All you need to do is send a complimentary drink to a person of interest through a waiter or boldly walk over and strike a conversation. It could be the first of many conversations towards a happy ever after.

The Jazzhole

The Jazzhole is a very popular book store in Ikoyi and is a perfect place for book lovers in Lagos to meet ‘that special person’.

Almost everyone you meet at the Jazzhole has a love for books, art and a passion for reading. So, if you are a word junkie, shuffle close to that guy or lady you’ve got the hots for at the hub with a smile on your face, and ask them to recommend a new book, or share thoughts on an author.

The Jazzhole offers a simple way to meet folks in a relaxed environment without the pressure or awkwardness that comes with dating. Also, you get to do things you enjoy, and have a great opportunity to present yourself as smart and interesting.

House on the Rock (HOTR)

One of the most popular, populated and perfectly structured churches on the Peninsula, HOTR is a great place to meet ‘the one’, especially if you are big on spiritual faith and moral grounding.

There is a higher chance of meeting serious men and women who are looking for a life partner here than a night out at a club in town. Alsonot only do you get the chance to find that perfect someone sitting right next to you, but the sermons keeps you feeling edified.

Murtala Mohammed Airport

Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos is the busiest airport in the country, with droves of people swarming in and out of boarding terminals.

Rather than just staring into space while waiting for your flight to be announced, you could walk up to a friendly looking person and say hello, or simply chat up someone you find attractive by asking what flight they are on. The airport is perfect as it has got great lighting and you can almost feel safe talking with the individual you are drawn to as security is tight.

Obalende park

This is one of the easiest and most common places people in Lagos have met their dream partners’. The Obalende Park, one of the largest bus terminals in the city is always crammed full with people looking to buy bus tickets especially after office closing hours.

After a hard day’s work, most people are less uptight, much friendlier and open to conversations; as a result, there is a higher chance of meeting ‘the one’ while waiting to buy your BRT ticket. All you need to do is start a discussion on a general topic. If you meet a man or woman with whom you already have common interests, it certainly starts things off on the right foot.

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