You Wouldn’t Want Your Kid To Stumble On **** Things On The Web; How to Keep Children Safe Online

How-to-Keep-Kids-Safe-with-TechnologyChildren are ever more vulnerable today. This is because there are a handful of dangers out there that threatens their lives. The advent of the internet has also to a very reasonable extent worsened the concern of parents about their children. Parents are worried about what their children sites children visit online.

This concern is probably borne out of the fact that parents are always busy and they barely have time to check on their children. Today, social media especially twitter is used to radicalize and recruit children into terrorists groups.

Therefore, it is very important for parents to protect their children and keep them safe from online bullies and terrorists., Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal shares some tips on how they can keep their children safe online.


Tech talk

This should be one of the first steps taken to protect children when they are venturing online. A little pep talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being online will definitely help. The talk should include the effect of spending too much time online, visiting porn sites andencouraging them to inform you if they are bullied online.


Parental control

Not every child will listen to the pep talk or admonition from their parents or significant other. The parent has to activate the parental control on some of these devices. This can be done by blocking access to some insensitive websites that expose children to the ills of the Internet. You can also block Facebook and Twitter.


Have their passwords.

Since they are still within your control, you can persuade them to give you their passwords to all their accounts like Facebook, Twitter, email and others. On your part make sure you check their activities on each of these platforms.

To the child, it will seem you are snooping too much. Don’t be deterred. The fact is that you are protectingthem from the impropriety of the Internet.

If you don’t want to have their passwords, you can follow their activities on social media but of course you have to be anonymous. If you observe anything suspicious, then you can either relieve him/her of the gadget or report to the police.


Limit Usage

Parents should limit the hours their children spend online. When they are home that should be the rule. Perhaps, you can tell them to submit their phone every night to prevent them from spending the whole night browsing. A more extreme option is to deny them complete access to Wi-Fi or 4G.


Be a role model

Let your children learn from you. As a parent don’t spend the whole day online. Don’t visit indecent websites and also be conscious of the sites you visit when your children are home.

If you need to visit these indecent sites, ensure that you clear the cache and history so that children don’t access them after you have finished browsing. It is advisable to be discreet online and be a model your children can imitate.

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