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logo-naijLife is full of events. The era of internet has made informational stream so intense. News rules the world. How do you navigate this informational sea? How do you find the top news, events, fun and entertainment? Where do you get your most relevant content?  It’s easy. Visit Naij – the leading www.naij.com Nigerian news and entertainment portal. All the Nigeria news is gathered here in one place.

Political news and Boko Haram

Of course not everyone likes to get political news daily or hourly. Still, they make a significant impact on one’s life. Everything is related. Politics, politicians and such groups as Boko Haram are the inevitable part of life. They impact economical, career, social, travel and other aspects of life. Thus, knowing the news is important.

Naij.com presents an unbiased view on the country events, happenings and situation. It is not impacted by any political group or party. The resource is independent. All the breaking news in Nigeria are posted and updated here daily. Monthly this portal is visited by millions of Nigerians as well as people from USA, UK, India, etc. They get here directions and insights on planning their lives and understanding the current and future country events.

Showbiz news

However, the latest Nigeria news is not about politics only. There is much fun going on, too. Nollywood has many entertaining, fun and sometimes even shocking news to offer. You can find photos, videos and articles on the latest celebrity events. They share their opinions, photos with their babies, family news or latest fashion gigs.

Naij.com provides all the freshest information on the best Nigerian and world’s musician and actors. You can stay abreast and share the top events or fun with your friends getting them from this dynamic youth news portal. Tons of bright and intriguing images are at your services on this top fun blog.

Entertainment and TV

Even more fun is coming. Naij.com has its special TV section. There you can find snippets of news, showbiz clips and interviews with celebrities. You can get there some fashion or lifestyle video advice and tips. There are many hilarious home videos or user content stuff;videos on amazing nature and animal world and so on and so forth.

This is a highly sharable content. You can just grab it on this site and share it through social media. This is how you stay cool in social networks and keep the fun up with your friends. Plus, the site and videos can be easily browsed using your phone. They load up well and the naij.com app is one of the fastest to read or watch all the fun news.


Are you well versed in all the news and events of your country? Why not get your voice heard by the online community? Since naij.com is one of the top sites people come to get their news from, it’s the best opportunity for you share it here. You can load up your pics, videos or posts and send them to editors. If you get approved, you can start a big buzz with your news.

Social media

Naij.com is big on socials, especially on Facebook. Almost 3 million people have become its fans there. This means 1 of 5 Nigerians, who get online, follow naij.com on social sites. It’s time you become one of them. This opens up a perfect opportunity to dig out cool, dynamic and interesting content and pass it on. Now every time you land on your Facebook page, you find new and relevant discoveries, news, gigs for you to enjoy and share with everyone else.

Naij.com stats

Daily this latest news in Nigeria portal welcomes over half a million visitors. Stats indicate that people spend over 2 million mins reading and consuming the content on this portal. This means their joint reading time amounts to whole 4 year period! The site ranks 11 in Nigeria and has a high ranking in the world, since its audience is international indeed. People from America and Europe, as well as Asia view naij.com as one of their main information sources.

The Twitter account of this site has also gained over 100 000 followers. People share its content, post comments. In fact, its Facebook page gets more than 40 thousand comments on daily basis. Why not get engaged and join this vibrant community of people? You can get, discuss and share all the top news here, meet new friends, speak out your mind and get much fun.

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