6 Amazing Tips To Help You Sleep Better In A Hotel

black-man-sleeping-in-bedThe role of sleep is very important in everyday life, according to health consultants. Sleep is an excellent avenue to reinvigorate oneself as well as boost productivity. However, many people are finding it harder to get enough of it because they have to meet up with deadlines or satisfy one family demand or the other.

For travellers, it may be even worse because they leave their homes and traipse the globe engaging in activities which can leave them exhausted and uncomfortable at night.

As hotels are unfamiliar terrains, they may also find it difficult to sleep. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal shares some tips on how you can rest better in a hotel.


Book a quiet room

To nap better in a hotel, don’t book a room close to the swimming pool or near the elevator. Staying close to these areas are a perfect recipe for a sleepless day because you can’t keep people away from these places. So, inform the receptionists that you want a quiet suite.

Do Not Disturb’

Almost every hotel has this sign hung on the door. If your food and laundry have been delivered as appropriate, you can display the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door. Sometimes this may not be necessary because you can order everything you want either online or on the phone. So, you only get what you ordered for. However, ensure that you pick calls especially that of the hotel phone because it may be an emergency.

Bring your pillow

Obviously, you can’t carry your whole bed while travelling but you can take your pillow along with you. This is one slumber property that you are used to, at least. The only shortcoming is that it may be a burden to log around but, if this can help you sleep, why not just bring it along with you?

Bring movies you enjoy at home

If you find it uneasy to sleep in unfamiliar places, you can attempt to create a home away from home experience in your hotel. It may be a Nollywood movie shot in Enugu or Abuja. Your favourite may be Hollywood.

In your spare time, you can watch the movies you brought along from home on your laptop. It will take your mind off the immediate environment and limit your concern about relaxation in an unfamiliar terrain. A little-scented candles or spritzing your favourite perfume around the room can help calm your nerves. 

Get out of bed if you can’t sleep

Sleep can be funny at times. Some nights, you are left with nothing to do but toss and turn. When these moments arise, try not to force it rather, just stand up to take a cold bath, read a magazine or even practice yoga. With this, you may not even know when you will fall asleep.

See a Doctor

If you keep finding it difficult to sleep, you may be suffering from insomnia and should see a doctor for a check-up.


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