Jos: A Land Of Magnificent Beauty, From The Wild Life Park To The Restaurant

Originally called ‘Gwash’ until anglicized to ‘Jos” by the colonialists, the city is one of the most picturesque in Nigeria. A choice destination for tourists interested in the Middle belt region of the country, it is features a temperate climate, magnificent geography, landmarks, and mind-blowing tourist attractions.

Aside from occasional unrests driven by underground terrorists, the city is calm and nurturing. It is full of amazing contrasts, and never ceases to stun with its magnitude of dimensions and themes which are there to be discovered, immersed and understood by the inquisitive visitor. The city may be an acquired taste and your first impressions straight off the bus may not be positive. But the vibe and drive of Plateau’s capital are infectious if you give it time. showcases the beauty called Jos!


The Jos Museum


Established in 1952 by Bernard Fagg, the Jos Musuem is one of the oldest museums in the country. A centre for research into prehistoric culture, it boasts of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts dating from between 500 BC to AD 200  as well as life-size replicas of a variety of buildings including the walls of Kano and the Mosque at Zaria to a Tiv village.

The Jos Wild Life Park

Set up in honor of the African heads of state by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) to in response to a mandate set aside one third of their landmass as conservation areas, the wild life park is almost as old as the city itself. It is habitat to a variety of animal species including reptiles, mammals, primates, and birds, and certainly a treat for lovers of wildlife.


Assop Waterall

Occurring naturally at the bottom of the famous Hawan Kibo, Assop waterfall is a truly scenic landscape with a corresponding warm ambience. The spot is perfect for picnic and other social events.


From hotels to camping, the town boasts a wide range of accommodation for all budgets and all tastes.

With offering about 190 hotels here, first-time visitors  are provided with as many as options as possible. Finding the right hotel in a Jos however is easy as Jos is not an expensive city,  and you are bound to have a good trip.

Popular hotels for tourist and visitors include Hill Station, Crest, City Lodge and Metro Prime hotels.



Jos as a city has come a long way in recent years with regards to dining. Restaurants in Jos cater to all tastes. From cheap meals to quality dining, there is something for every palate and wallet.

Try one of the old fashioned bukkahs for tasty local treats, or make a reservation at one of the cities premiere restaurants, many of which are located away from the tourist corridors. You can taste traditional foods of the Hausas who dominate the location or take a culinary trip to other parts of the country as well at top restaurants during your stay in Jos.

Although haute cuisine may be pricey, one may eat in Jos fairly cheaply and steer clear of fast foods bristos at the same time. Some of the famous restaurants include; King Bite, Garden Chinese and continental, Elysar Chinese and Lebanese restaurant and Bevelyns restaurants.


Unlike Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt, Jos is not for hard-core shoppers, but visitors can still find plenty to spend their well-earned money on.

Jos is seeing true growth in the number of shops available and the number of brands that are starting to storefronts. Whether it is boutiques, shopping complexes, dusty family stores or local markets, a day spent shopping can result in both bargains and treasures.

Fun Fact

The Jos Plateau Indigo bird, a small reddish-brown bird, is found nowhere else on earth besides Plateau state, Nigeria

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