Tips For A Memorable Romantic Vacation With That Special One

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationLove is a beautiful thing. Everyone says that. But, how do you show that person you truly love how much you care? By buying gifts? Going shopping? Watching a movie?

While this is great, they are non-special, regular routines which you can just do on a free weekend. Want to do something different to arouse the passion and boost your love life again? Then a romantic getaway is not a bad idea., Africa’s No 1 Hotel booking portal shares 7 tips on how you can have a memorable and unforgettable romantic vacation.

Agree on a date

Both of you may be busy at work and you wouldn’t want to choose a date that is inconvenient. If it means taking a week’s leave from work, the two of you should be and willingly to happily do that.

Go with someone you love

No two people can be together without mutual consent. Going on a vacation with someone you do not love is just uninteresting and boring. So, before you go on that vacation ask yourself do I love this person? The reason for a romantic vacation is to groom and grow love.

Choose a romantic destination

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There a handful of romantic destination within and outside Nigeria. For example, Calabar and Jos are amazing places for romantic getaways. Outside Nigeria, Island nations like Cape Verde, Mauritius, Comoros Island, Barbados, and many others. Importantly, you and your partner must agree on the destination.

Stay somewhere you can be alone

After agreeing on the destination, you want to spend your romantic vacation, book a hotel that you know you can be alone with your partner without interference or distraction. This is why it is essential to research a destination before choosing it.

Switch off your Phones

If you don’t really want any distractions, switch off your phone. Even if you are addicted to your smartphone, suspend it till after the romantic vacation. Alternatively, you can put your phone on voicemail in the case of emergency calls.

Have Dinner with candle lights


This should be a surprise for your partner and its best be secret. Buy a new attire and have dinner with candles lighting the room. Many psychologists say this is an excellent way of nurturing love.


Everything you will do entirely relies on your budget. Therefore, before you have a reliable and workable cash plan. If your budget can’t cover a trip outside Nigeria, it is advisable to go on a vacation to Ikogosi warm spring Resort in Ekiti and other romantic places in the country.

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