If Belle Hold You For Lokoja; Traveler’s Guide To Lokoja’s Street Food

If you have ever journeyed through Lokoja to Abuja on a road trip, there is no doubt that the abundance of edible delights found in the area will leave a strong memory.

The capital of Kogi State, Nigeria offers a plethora of delicious treats to satisfy anyone’s craving. Skewers of tangy char-grilled fish, sautéed bean cakes and fries – yam, plantain and potatoes – paired with fiery pepper sauce can make for a full meal.

The town gives you the chance to stand and watch the magic of vendors mixing ingredients together to make their local delicacies while chatting with the indigenes who share the love of good street food as well!

If you are planning a trip here, take a look at this handy guide from Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 hotel booking portal for some of the most popular meals to sink your teeth into on the streets of Lokoja.

Fries and pepper sauce

This is the most common. Yam, plantain and sweet potatoes are peeled, cut into tiny chunks and deep fried in large pots of hot oil.

When properly cooked, the fries are displayed on a tray where its aroma whiffs into the air and attracts buyers. The chips go with a sauce made mainly from pepper, salt and onions. Most times, the vendors for these fries and pepper sauce include fried meat and fish as side combos.


Noodles and fried egg

This chow only started appearing on the streets in recent times as the demand from the younger generation grew. Now, everyone eats it.

The aroma alone is enough to leave you craving until your intestines are in knots. The meal is simply made from noodles that comes with its ingredients, and Fried egg. Some noodle vendors however try to spice up the meal by giving buyers the option of adding crushed onions and fresh pepper to the meal.

Local jollof rice

Jollof Rice is a staple dish loved and prepared in many sub saharan regions. It is the fastest way to cook rice as you simply boil the rice and include ingredients such as tomatoes, salt, pepper, onions and crayfish. Most vendors sell this with fried fish or spiced meat on the streets of Lokoja.


Seafood in batter

Crayfish, shrimps, prawns and tiny crabs are coated in flour and deep fried until they are golden brown giving you a healthy chew rich in protein for the journey ahead.

Boiled or roasted corn and pear

This meal is periodic as it is only available when it is corn season. Corn is plucked and boiled in water or roasted on coals and then paired with boiled African pear. Sometimes the pear is also roasted and even salted.



Moi Moi which also a common quick meal is a cooked bean pudding made from grounded, peeled beans, onion and other spices. This is either boiled in small tin plates or wrapped in leaves or nylon. They can be eaten alone or paired with jollof rice.

Chin chin

You will see this snack literally everywhere, tied in soft transparent nylons, packaged in transparent plastic containers, or stored in bottles.  It is also made in various shapes as sizes, and can be baked or fried as well. Chin chin is largely made of flour and sugar and is usually very hard to chew.


Akara (deep-fried bean cake)

Bean cake aka akara, like suya is another popular street food that is relished across theentire country.

It is made with a mix of grounded beans fresh red pepper, onions, salt and other spices and deep fried to form a round ball. Most people prefer it fried in vegetable oil, however there are options of it being fried in red palm oil which gives it an even richer taste especially when served hot.

Kuli Kuli

A street snack made from groundnut, Kuli Kuli is usually eaten as a snack. It is often hard and requires extra pressure from the teeth to consume it. It is however very tasty, especially if you like groundnut.


Have you tried any of these street foods? Did you like them? share your opinions in the comment box below. 

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