6 Sure Ways To Kill Time At Kaduna Airport

Less than two hour’s drive from Abuja, the Kaduna airport is one of the most popular fly-zones in Northern Nigeria. While it serves as an alternative to Abuja airstrip and measures up to international aviation standards, it is small and not as rife with fun as other airports in the country.

As is typical with other airports across the world, flights are sometimes delayed and challenges with  scheduling, booking and checking-in can get you end up a lot more time to spend in the terminal, stuck with the seemingly impossible task of making the time pass.

While being stuck in the maze of a Kaduna airport can be daunting, the hours do not have to be a total drag, Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal shares 10 ways to help you while away the time until you get your flight.

Start a conversation.

Find someone to grumble and gripe with. The easiest way to kill boredom at the airport is to start a chat with a neighbor or any of the fellow passengers travelling on your flight.

You not only get to meet someone new, you also get to hone your communication skills. All you need is a friendly smile and a basic topic such as the horrors of being delayed at the airport and if the person is cute and you find that you have a lot in common, it could be the start of something new!


Go on a food crawl.

Food certainly makes everything better! Since you have extra time, sample snacks or have a couple of drinks.

However, if your delay is of an uncertain length, grab something to go and hang out near your departure gate as you don’t want to miss any of the updates announced.

You can also take the time to buy some of the local delicacies including kilishi, danbu nama, tsire, and balangu, sold at the airport for your family and friends.

Engage your mind.

Rather than just sitting and being idle, try reading a book – either a hard copy or on your kindle. A good book can transport your imagination to amazing places a lot quicker than the average airline.

If you are not cut out for reading, try mathematical puzzles, guessing games and memory teasers. Also, a quick game of X-Plane, a kind of high tech flight simulation software, can get you pumped up for the trip ahead.




The Kaduna airport might be small, but you certainly won’t know how much it has to offer until you check out its environs. Give yourself a bit of a break, take a walk round the terminal and if you’re not the shy type, do a couple of stretches and push-ups.

Strolling and stretching will help keep your body in top form, reduce stress and help you relax. If you love shopping, you could to take time out to window shop, there are usually a lot of local art, books and accessories on display at different kiosks.


Take a nap.

Although Kaduna airport is not as large as those in Lagos and Abuja, it is never really packed and there are always free seats to lie on.

Try not to be self-conscious or bashful and take a good nap. Set an alarm to wake you up when needed, ensure your luggage is secure and not accessible to anyone else, and you do not take up too many seats.


Hit up the internet.

This particular airport does not offer free WiFi, however you can access the internet on your smartphone if you have a data plan or on your laptop using a mobile hotspot or modem.

With so many apps and social media sites available, the internet will certainly save you from the looming boredom. Email loved ones with updates and check out the online news boards.

Log on to twitter and find the trending topics and read reactions from other tweeps. Get on Facebook or snapchat and gist with your friends online, or post some funny face pics of yourself at the airport on Instagram.

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