Perfect Guidelines For Getting The Best Out Of Elegushi Beach

Certainly the most prominent seashore in Lagos, Elegushi beach located 2 km off the Lekki-Epe Express way plays host to a large crowd of visitors on a daily basis.

The beach literally has no off-season. With the influx of businesses – bars, guest lodges, fitness clubs as well as the wave of media attention – making it one of Lagos’ top island destinations, vacationers are now faced with a new challenge: sorting through the endless options of what to do, where to go and how much to spend while at the beach.

Lined from one end to the other with restaurants, tuck shops and usually packed with young revelers, there is no doubt that you will find something to do to keep yourself entertained, at any price – you simply need to know how to go about it and where to look. With this in mind,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal has a few ideas on how to get the best out of Elegushi beach.


While the weather in Nigeria is conducive for relaxation at the beach all year long, it is important to avoid the beach on rainy days as the sea level sometimes rises and overflows its banks.

Outside this period, any time is a good time to go, although weekends are preferable if you are really out for a good time.

It is wise to avoid the rush during public holidays, Easter, Christmas and New Year for convenience.



There are no restrictions on the beach, you are allowed to come with your mats, food items, drinks and games.

However, most of the clubs, bars and restaurants do not allow external drinks or food and you are only allowed to sit in their space while patronizing them. Most of the bars even have bouncers that kick out rebels who try to sneak in their own beverage or food.


Making a decision on how much to spend at the beach is relative as it is basically hinged on how long you would be staying on the beach, your preferences and intentions.

The good thing is that you are bound to have fun no matter your budget. The base fee for everyone, however, includes the entrance fee of N1,000 per person and the N200 for parking if you arrive with a personal car. Note that while it is easier to carry cash as there are no nearby ATMs , it is safer to visit the beach with a credit or master card. Spending too much cash can attract robbers or swindlers. The best thing about this place is that it is open at any time of the day and you are allowed to visit, as long as you pay the required entrance charges.



There are quite a number of activities that can be done at the beach.

Morning: Weekday mornings are the only time to get a bit of serenity while at the beach as most people prefer to visit in the late afternoons and night.

You can relax in the sand or on a lounge chair (that you brought along with you) and watch the sun rise. Read, write, daydream, or sip a cool cocktail by the water. If you are the type who likes to exercise in the morning, you could pop into the fitness activation club La Cabana Lodge and let off some steam.

Afternoon: If you are the playful type or have children, you could bring a jump rope onto the beach, fly a kite, or even build a sand castle.

Horse riding is another favorite activity as trainers tag their horses along, offering you a ride or pictures for a small fee. You can also play beach volleyball or toss a football or frisbee back and forth with friends if you came in a group.

Early afternoons are also the best time for picnics, as that is when you can get a nice spot to you and your crew to chill and enjoy your picnic for as long as you chose to. Other activities such as para-sailing or surfing are not very safe in the choppy waters, so this is something you should not try here.

Evening: There is something memorable about nightlife here.For some reason, nighttime is the peak period for visiting this beach around lekki.

Perhaps it is the salty ocean breeze or moonlight reflecting off the ocean, or maybe it is the pulsating music at one of many popular nightspots. Whatever the cause, the memories are fun and an evening out in Elegushi Beach will leave you wanting to visit again and again.

You can gatecrash one of the beach parties or visit a stand for mouth-watering delicacies including hot suya, fish and chips, peppersoup, isiewu and nkwobi, chicken wings and other finger foods. You can also decide to take a walk along the sea shores for the cool night breeze. No matter what you do, ensure you are never alone at night at Elegushi. Go in groups or stick to areas where there are lots of


Apart from the tuck shops, food kiosks, restaurants, clubs and bars, there are other vendors that pan the stretch of the beach seeking customers. Most famous are the ‘Mallams’ that sell crafts and handmade jewelry. If you are visiting the beach for the first time, these jewelries and crafts make good souvenirs.


On arriving the beach, you will find a large number of outlets – bars, pubs, lounges, party arenas, restaurants.

Whether you are looking for a place to just sit and have a drink while feasting your eyes on the activities going on around the beach or just looking for the best places to meet and hook up with a girl, there is a place for you.

Most popular outlets include: Wear It All Bar, 360 Beach Bar, Sweet 16 Beach Bar, DV8 Beach Bar, Elegushi Beach Voodoo, Beach Bar, Vertigo Bar Lounge and Blak Lounge. These outlets are so on point that most times you run into celebrities! If you are visiting Lagos or the beach for the first time, it is good to have a local guide with you or ask around for recommendations, that way you can get the best advice you need.

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