I Bet You Don’t Know Too; Amazing Secrets About Nigerian Trains You Wish You Knew


Are you going on a long trip? On the hunt for something new and fun to do on a vacation? Or are you that savvy businessman who conveys goods intra- or interstate? Then the train is your surest bet!

Snaking the corroded railing, the Lagos intra-city coach gears to pick up speed from its starting point at the Ado station in Ebute-Metta on a tumultuous journey to Kano, the commerce centre of the north, every week.

The 30-hour enthralling journey from Lagos to Kano has the train making pit-stops in Abeokuta, Ibadan, Osogbo, Ilorin, Minna, Kaduna and Kano. Jovago.com unveils 5 reasons why you should take a roller coaster ride in one of Nigeria’s amazing coaches.


Trains generally are safe. Aside from the rare collisions which happen once in a decade, they are the second most secure means of transportation. You rarely get harassed or robbed in any of the coaches especially when embarking on a long distance journey.

However, if you are carefree with your luggage and other people notice, your bags may become an item of interest.


The price for a train ride can’t be compared to any other mode of transportation whether air, water, or road; especially with the fare from Lagos to Kano being a mouth-watering sum of N1,500.

It is affordable and you don’t need to cough out thousands for a journey to and from any destination that has a terminal.

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A different experience

You may be used to travelling by road, however, transit by train is a whole new experience. It is an enjoyable adventure that amazes all first timers who have never boarded a train before! Looking to try something fun, fresh and refreshing on a budget, then go for a train ride.

Slow but exciting

One of the major reasons why many Nigerians do not embark on train journeys is because they are a tad slower than conventional motoring. But it is a treasure to see nature up close as you explore parts of the country, many have never seek from the comfort of your seat on the train. Also you get to meet different types of people, have a taste different snacks and cuisine at various terminal stops.


Like in airplanes where there are various categories for flyers. There are also First class and second class tickets for trains.

You are guaranteed a luxury treatment when you book a first-class seat. The cabin is Spartan and spacious, the seats are lush and warm with convertible features allowing you recline horizontally when sleepy. It’s simply amazing the convenience and comfort on offer. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for!

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