Insight! Top 3 Pitfalls Nigerian Mobile App Developers Should Avoid

enterprise-mobility-mistakesAt the moment, mobile apps are on trend for business around Nigeria. These applications do not only bring an existing business idea to life, they pave the way for all kinds of new and exciting ideas. The challenge with developing this mobile app however is in figuring out the right approach.

While navigating the waters of app development can be quite an ordeal for any business, there are a handful of best practices to abide  by and obstacles to evade while creating them., Africa’s no 1 online hotel booking portal calls to attention top 3 pitfalls Nigerian mobile app developers need evade to record success with their designs.

Indecision with platforms

Every developer is initially faced with a choice between iOS, Android and Windows when considering what operating system to run, however, a large number fail to carefully consider all the variable factors.

Most of them base their platform choice on stereotypes. The general idea is that iOS offers the best platform as it creates more room for monetization via the App Store, while Android has so many different versions of its operating system that deciding which version to build for can be complicated… so, most developers go with iOS.

While the idea behind the iOS may be true, other considerations need to be made before selecting a platform. For instance, while iOS may be extremely popular in the U.S., Android reigns supreme and certainly offers larger margins here in Nigeria. So if you intend on publishing your app in Nigeria, you might want to consider Android over iOS.

When making the decision about which platform to choose, it is important to think of every possibility and alternative. What is the app being developed to do? Which platform is going to help you deliver on the value proposition that you want to give consumers? If you consider these questions, you raise the chance of increasing your user base.

Also, it is important to start with just one platform at a time. Truth is, with over one million apps on both the Google Play and Apple App Store, you are in for very stiff competition. Launching on multiple platforms at an initial stage will not give you any advantage. Avoid doubling your engineering costs and focus on building on one platform first.

Kick monetization to the curb

The decision on how to monetize your app can be extremely daunting at first. Every possible approach – a subscription model, a freemium approach with in-app purchases or in-app advertising – can be matched in ways that perfectly suit your project, but settling on a particular approach can be an immense task.

Refrain from imbibing common misconceptions of monetization including the assumption that ads will support your app, another company will acquire your app, or users will pay for your app (outright or in-app purchases)

Many of the top downloaded apps are free, so it is important to think about how you will monetize early in the development process, and be proactive about pursuing the correct path. Research other apps in your category to see how they monetize. Consider sites such as AppAnnie and AppTrace that lets you organize top apps by genre and popularity.

Paying Little Attention to Marketing.

No matter how confident or optimistic you are about your launch, if you do not have an inclusive plan on how to increase visibility, you run a huge risk of having it disappear altogether. It is important to start marketing your app as early as possible. Do not wait until you have submitted the it to kick start your press campaign.

First define your target audience and ensure your app identifies specific issues that affect that market, and then design your app to address those issues. Google Trends and Xyologic are great tools for identifying trends and consumer demand. Your goal should be to make an app that will gain featured status on whatever store you are placing it on.

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