Five Things Married Men Totally Forget

1. Wedding Anniversary: As a man we are often distracted by work activities and we tend to neglect some important areas of life, and leave them unattended.

Most men even forget their wedding dates and ultimately their wedding anniversaries. Many men are reminded of their wedding anniversary only when their wives asks, “Darling what do you think we should do on our wedding anniversary”, left to men this isn’t important enough to create a room for in our brain.

Women are disappointed when they find out that their partner forgets their wedding anniversary, they expect men to also participate in all wedding anniversaries, as a matter of fact you will win your wife’s heart again every time you bring up the wedding anniversary topic.

It’s so special to women and not something you should forget.

2. Sex: Sex, finances and marriage go hand in hand, they are like triplet, born together to achieve same purpose(happiness).

When it comes to sex a lot of men fail in that area of marriage, apart from not satisfying your partner, men also forget to sacrifice more time and hunger in asking their wives when they need sex and how they want it. An average married man is sexually selfish, only engages in sex when he wants it.

Women need sex to feel loved, appreciated and to promote their self esteem, asking your wife when she’s needs sex isn’t unwelcomed in married or doesn’t make you less of a man.

3. Image Absence: Financial security is what almost every women would want to have if not all, but then men have neglected their wives in pursue of money to satisfies their families desire.

Creating less self availability is something no woman wants, though she may appreciate a little bit of privacy but not total absence that would require you missing for months and years.

Each night that comes the darkness and the cold bed promotes woman’s libido, also after working from 9-5, fixing dinner and helping kids do homework then prepare them for bed, p a woman need relaxation with her man every night.

Lots of men have left their wives alone with the kids forgetting their physical, emotional, sexual availability is highly needed in the course of marriage.

4. Love Channel: It becomes boring when we’re tuned to one channel, you may consider doing morning news, afternoon drama and even some action and then before sleeping some news or documentary.

Women get bored tuned to one channel for the rest of their lives. As a man you shouldn’t leave your wife with the believe that after wedding the honeymoon phase will be over . Women need constant reminder and various activities to prove your love for them.

This could be discovered and created by knowing their love language from 5 love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. Constantly refresh your wive’s love channel with different goodies to stay tuned.

5. Fun: Who on earth does not enjoy a funtime? It could be playing with your spouse, the kids, visiting places, seeing movies, reading books e.t.c, most married men forget that another thing that reduces issues in marriage is the amount of fun you have together.

Fun promotes a certain level of closeness, it builds trust and creates room for more fun and romance. Women crave and can’t do without fun, fun is used to jumpstart every boring marriage.

It’s may be yet unknown to you that you are among the selfish married men but if you have more fun alone then you are building a self marriage and putting your vow with your partner at risk.

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