Fahion Tips: Top 5 Ways To Style Your Braids

How to style your braidWomen love to have different looks for different occasions. When it comes to styling braids, the possibilities are endless. Braids are very versatile and easy to maintain.

For all the natural ladies out there, braiding your hair can be a great way to protect your hair while transitioning or otherwise.

Whether you call them box braids, jumbo braids, or even Poetic Justice braids, this trendy hairstyle is one to try. Not only is it a fun look, but it’s also a great style as so many celebrities like Beyonce, Janet Jackson and our own Lola Okoye has rocked theirs in unique ways.

Don’t know how to style yours? Well, Kaymu presents to you 5 unique ways to style your braids and keep it looking different and fresh:


  • The Beyonce Bun– We all love a bun and it has been existing for years. It is easy to do and goes with almost any look! It suits most people and is a very much ‘on the go’ style that can be rocked with bothjeans and a tshirt as well as a corporate outfit. To do a classic bun you simply put your hair in a ponytail and then twist the hair as you wrap it around clockwise. You can secure it with a hair band.

Beyonce bun

  • Pocahontas Braid: You can rock this hair on any outfit.

Pocahontas Braid

  • Double Twist Bun: Make a lopsided crown out of the braids by pulling to the opposite side of the ponytail, and secure with as much hair pins as you can.


  • Mini Front Bun: This is my favourite style. You need a mirror when creating the mini front bun. Make a twist around on the front part of your braid, then you leave the last bit of the braid out, and pin it down to secure.

Mini front bun

  • Pompadour Bun: Create a high ponytail off to one side, separate it into three sections, and braid each. Make a lopsided crown out of the braids by pulling to the opposite side of the ponytail, and secure with as many bobby pins as you can.


Photo Credit:Mercedie
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