5 Things That Can Help Promote Nigerian Tourism

culture_and_festivals_2014_2_20141230_1796693347-660x400 (1)Attracting visitors from all parts of the world are Africa’s biggest street carnival and Obudu Cattle Ranch, both situated in Calabar. Osun-Osogbo sacred grove, a UNESCO world heritage site is the focus of envy for global contenders while in Taraba state, the Chappal Waddi sits over 2,419 metres tall, making it the tallest hill in Nigeria.

Government across the 36 states is working diligently to develop each region’s tourism potentials especially due to the dearth of cash flow from the federal purse coupled with the dire need to diversify the economy.

However, more has to be done to market Nigeria’s massive and profitable industry. This is because the country is yet to tap its full potentials.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking proffers some ideas on things the government and stakeholders can do to promote Nigeria’s tourism sites.

obudu cattle ranch

Implementation of National Tourism Policy.

A committee to draw up a tourism policy for Nigeria was set up on the 7th February 2005 by President Obasanjo led administration. The final report was submitted on 12th December of that same year.

In spite of the brilliant recommendations made by the committee, none of the solutions made has been adopted.

With the thrust of the national policy being to make Nigeria the tourism destination in Africa, a boost tourism in the country if the recommendations are conscientiously implemented.

Revamp, operate and transfer.

With a solid national tourism policy, the modus operandi to revamp or build, operate and transfer the sites will be simplified. A system where the private sector develops and operates a site for a few  years until they accrue returns on their investments before  transferring the facility to the government will yield benefit

Adopt a Tourist site

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), blue chip companies should be encouraged to adopt a tourist destination within their locale, causing them to function as pseudo-owners of the site.

Supporting Infrastructure

Security, electricity, transportation, communication and other supporting infrastructure are key factors that attract tourists to a country. If they are in a comatose, visitors will search for alternative destinations. It is pertinent to provide these supporting infrastructures for leisure and business travel to Nigeria to grow.

Presentation and packaging of Festivals

For Nigeria’s tourism sector to attract the world, the presentation and packaging of  festivals and tourism related events should be top-notch. Shabbily organized events will  turn away tourists. So, great efforts should be made to put together fantastic events.

In addition, aggressive media campaigns should be carried out. For example, buying spaces in international media platforms to sell these sites. The aim is to highlight reasons why tourists should make Nigeria their preferred destination in Africa.

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