4 Signs You Are Built For The Luxury Travel Life

luxury-travel-MV-Aria-01The term ‘luxury’ paints pictures of money, wealth and exuberance, so it is often thought to be a state influenced by the size of ones bank account. While travel like the super-rich is the way to go, however, it is important to note that good planning, great behavior, taste and essentially good money management are important.

A lot of people around the country tend to categorize themselves as luxurious travelers, but…are they really? If you are not certain this defines you , Jovago.com has put together 4 behavioral hints that tell if you are a real luxury trooper or not…find out!

You spend time rather than money when planning

Money can buy a number of things, but love, joy and a great travel experience are certainly not items on the list.

True luxury travelers do not let money take charge as they know that paying for everything will not guarantee a good luxury travel experience, rather they take time to put their hard-earned bucks to work by spending it wisely.

Smart travelers invest time as well as cash in their vacations and they look out for deals. They read the fine print to get a good idea of what travel should cost and they know how to find a deal on luxury links online and elsewhere.

If they are very busy, they spend time researching  elite travel agents rather than overpriced one-size-fits-all travel agent or tour company, as they know that their specialized tastes call for specialized travel agents.

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You pack right and light

If you are the kind of traveler that enters the arrival lounge with a number of airport staff trailing behind you carrying loads of suitcases and bags – you bring a 5 dress options for every possibility, you load-on full-size toiletries, a 15? laptop the weight of a shot-put, hardcover books that you may never read, and enough gadget to astound a tech geek, and you end up dealing with stodgy, unwieldy luggage and baggage-checking fees; you might not be the right candidate for luxury travel.

Real luxury travelers take pride in knowing how to pack right and light. They already know that luxury hotels offer lightning-fast laundry service, it is possible to pack for a week with a carry-on only and most destinations have shops for short-term needs like toiletries.

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You are not a hotel snob

Being intransigent and intolerant about living standards does not make you a luxury traveler.  Certainly, the indulgence and coziness afforded by genuine luxury hotels are a thrill, however a hotel does not have to be popular or glorious to be enjoyable.

Authentic luxury travelers are liberal and adventurous about where they stay. While they may have a favorite hospitality brand, they are willing to consider various types of lodgings and are not entirely opposed to going off-label.

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You never lose your cool

If you are the type to get angry, complain bitterly or make a fuss over trivial issues or where you feel shortchanged or snubbed, you are definitely waving a red flag.

Truly sophisticated people do not give the clerks lessons on who they are, what a loyal customer they have been, how many miles  they have flown, how elite, platinum or black their credit card is, or threaten to make sure that the company brass hear about an issue.

True luxury travelers are not bullies, they do not throw tantrums or make scenes. They keep their cool, with their feelings in check and focus on facts.  They understand what constitutes great service and know what to do when things go wrong at a hotel or restaurant.

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