K1 Reveals Secret Behind 1984 Hit Song Talazo

vllkyt2pd3gs3ok7dg.86e29ac8K1 has been in the music industry since the late 70s but he did not hit limelight until 1984 when he released his hit song, Talazo 84.

In a recent interview with The Anchor Online, the fuji lord popularly known as King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal popularly known as K1 de Ultimate revealed how he got the title of his 1984 hit song, Talazo.

He said: “Talazo is my street alias from the Agarawu days. I remember when sometimes I overfeed, my mum will recommend Thalazole, the medicine. She will give it to me after breaking it into three pieces… So, friends in the area noted that and of course, knowing it was my prescription for their own ailments too, they nicknamed me Wasiu Talazo.”

Talazo 84 was so successful that one of K1’s sons, Sultan Marshal did a remix of it on which he featured his father.

Inspired by their father’s success as a musician, some of K1’s children have followed in his footsteps. Among his musician children are Sultan Marshal, M.Marshal, Honey B, Farouk and Femi.

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