See Weird Places Where Nigerians Have Had Sex

11820536_397804557080205_1108265109_nA popular Nollywood actress conducted a poll on Instagram, asking her fans to confess to weird places they have had sex. Their answers may surprise you.

The actress, Adediwura Adesegha, popularly called Wura Gold kick-started the poll with her own ‘weird’ confession.

She wrote in the caption to a picture she posted: “Chai!!! I own up… In the car #eyescovered playing naughty this Sunday morning… Be honest o.”

Some of the answers from her fans include:

“In the bathroom”

“Unda d shower”

“In the car too”

“Kitchen sink”

“The store was meant for his brothers office fah, I went visiting na hin konji hold person we just had to deal.”

One rather adventurous fan wrote: “I had mine on the extreme end back sit @ the cinemas, although it was a quickie. It wasn’t a bluefilm. The thing is we both had crush on each other but we were so close that we both couldn’t voice out, so we went to see a movie and opportunity presents itself.”

Other answers were:

“On the Beach…On the stairs”

“Jesu! Pavement strong nah but I sure u no feel any pain as agro don catch una”

“My own be bathroom under shower u no I be small pikin. The only Virgin among nursing mother’s that is

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