Nigerians Can Go Camping Too!!! See 5 Top Exotic Camp Sites In Jos

700_2c706769476960ccc9622e533b668e77Camping is green, adventurous, inexpensive, and the best way to get up close and personal with the most sumptuous scenery in any location.

If you are a regular camper, you probably have a few favorite spots you return to. However, if you are new to camping – or looking to point your compass in a different direction – you are likely to find several options at Jos, the capital city of Plateau State, Nigeria.

Jos has a picturesque landscape with bare rocks, artificial hillocks, and deep gorges from years of mining activities giving the town an artistic feel. No matter what time of the year, rustic escapes around Jos welcomes travelers, along with their tents, for nights of cookouts, and campfire songs in some of the country’s most spectacular locales. Turn off your cell phone, take a deep breath of fresh air, and plan an off-season excursion to one of these year-round campgrounds.

From the Shere Hills to the Assop falls, lists 5 of the most alluring yet simple campsites in Jos.

Assop Falls

Spread around an area of Guinea Savanna on the slopes and top of a mid-altitude ridge of the Jos Plateau, the campsite is an oasis of greenery with the water at its heart. Shallow, rocky and gently flowing, the Assop Falls occupies interest for hours and, while there is room to pitch along its edges, campers can also cross to more spacious pitches hidden behind tall hedges – best for peace and quiet. When the weather is nice, the waterfall is perfect for a dip or a spot of fishing in the shade of the grove.

Riyom Rocks

It’s impossible to ever get weary of the Riyom Rocks, with its exquisite formation, weathered cliffs, and spectacular views. And right among all this impressive landscaping are grounds perfect for a night under the stars. Located 25 kilometers from Jos along the Jos-Akwanga road it serves as a form of geographical boundary for Plateau State. Unlike Obudu in Cross Rivers State, it is a raw, boulder –strewn, short-grass site, with corners for sheltered pitching. It is pretty low-key for a campsite: just turn up and pitch your tent!

Wase Rock

Is this Jos’ most scenic campsite or what? Many certainly think so. From the grassy vantage point looking seaward to the imposing rock that’s seems to gaze at the plains of the Southern Zone of Plateau State, it’s not that hard for campers to see how Wase Rockis a famous tourist site. The rock is said to have supernatural powers as it provides a kind of protective shield for Wase community. The camp areas are as wild and wonderful as its setting. At night, the moon’s glow brings a glimmer to the hollow arches, creating a mystical setting for evening stargazing. The two-hour journey from Jos city to the location might be a little stressful, but it will be rewarding as the views from the Wase rock are, quite simply, epic.

Mambilla Plateau

With an altitude of 18300 meters above sea level, Mambila Plateau is the highest grassland plateau in the country. Consisting of rolling hills, background flora and fauna. It is a scenic view to behold and a perfect location for adventurous camping. Highlights on the plateau include the mountain chain, the plain green view, magnificent water fall, the Mbamnga and Ndumyaji Caves, the rock with a giant footprint of an ancient warrior at Kabri, the rock with a horse foot print at Hienary, and the historic site of the ancient blacksmith.

The Shere Hills

Famous for its proximity to the Citizenship and Leadership Training centre and a one-time location for Gulder Ultimate Search, Shere Hills is the No.1 camping site in the country. With undulating rock formations with peaks and dips that would please the most ardent mountain climber. Lovers of adventure will enjoy this rugged and rustic spot as the altitude and location of the hills offers prime view of the city below. Hiking and climbing are popular with campers, as rock climbing is a popular sport among the boulders, as well as mountain biking and hiking.

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