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GNEX - GNEXCYCLOPEDIAAfter the last official song he dropped ‘Be My Girl‘ ft. Adol, Gnex is back with a new rap joint titled ‘GNEXCYCLOPEDIA‘ which is a cover of Rick Ross’ MMG ‘Power Circle’. With a blend of lyrical prowess and fine tune, this is another beautiful rap feel for you.



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Ooooojibra on the mix

Ojibra on the mix


Greatness Not an Exception

Is the trademark now

so put the R in the power circle=®

(let’s go baby)


Stretch Verse

I won(one) they hate(eight)

That’s a proof numbers don’t lie

My lifestyle your request when you pray

The closed the doors at me

I had to take the bill to the gate

Associate and affiliate with the greats

At the capital EDGE of my success the 4G loading

They suck in excess so their message be holding be reloading

They never get through when they wan call

They gotta stay up all night like a Doc on call

It’s hardcore,you want an encore?

You can’t get enough of it like how a d*ck is to a whore

I’m outta this galaxy,milky way small

If I ever land back

It’s on the peak of Olympus Mons

The wind blows, the witness is the cracks

My weakness never shows

I’m the alpha wolf, leader of the pack

I share death on the mic,

Is there anyone who wants to motherf*cking die?!

I say

I share death on the mic, any motherf*ucker wants to die?!

I’m alien, I’m beast, sasquatch, godzilla

I made it here, so feast,serve some tecquilla

I’m in my best zone like tiger in the woods

So It’s hot in here like when I’m spitting in the booth, the truth

Be spread around the cranny and the nooks

Never be enforced though you see me with my troops

I’m outta control like kendrick on control

That means I murdered my host

Now haunted by his ghost

Be used to the fact that GNEX better than your best

That aint a boast

That’s the way it motherf*cking goes

Adura mummy mi lon gba lori mi

Unlimited barrels of lyrics

Lon gba lori mi

You wanna drill it out, you wanna tap it out

You gotta pay

I put in the work, the talent and passion

They had to pay

I’m unique never sound common

The only time I’m common

Is when you relate me with that rapper called C’mmon so common F you all

All ‘o you (you can quote me I say all ‘o you)

And I say

I can’t envy your height cuz you 6ft

What’s the measurement of a grave? 6ft

Dead nigga(2ce)

Me growing bigger

Me getting stronger

Me getting richer

I say

Me started from the bottom, the Nursery

Money is the primary goal

Why spend years in the tertiary?

On my rap sheet no penitentiary

I burn calories

Zero to one like calculating in binaries

And with this kill, you can do the haloween

Still flip out in another way

Great Minds! Wad up?

U got that right? And I say Thumbs up

We never royals like Lorde

But I say clear the road the King’s coming

Go go for that money(2ce)

Pick paper,gather more bandz like an orchestra

Get some more liquor before my cup is dry

With full focus I put this work out uhn

GNEX’s opus 1

Infectious like stapphylococcus

I murder their cliques with my click clocks

When the ravens and the vultures

Soaring and perching on their carcas

No support for violence

Rap attack aint no crime

If it was at my prime

I’ll be one of the vikings


Standard flows me give ’em

It be hot like an oven and cool like antarctica

Crude or refined me showering them

They shiver when they see the theory

I murder with the practical

I paddle my boat harder,irrespective of the storm me cross to the shoreline

Tell me who else badder than me

I’m a human dynamo

I rock when it’s show time

Ooooh oooh! GNEX I rock when it’s showtime



My Pen Is Still Writing

I’m not a rap head

Commercials coming in alignment (you can quote that)

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