5 Easy Steps To Connect Your Android Phone With Windows 10

unnamedConnect USB cable to your system

If you do not have a cable, purchase one. That is the only way you can use for this synchronization. Allow your system to recognise the cable and open Windows phone companion.

Windows phone companion

Open Windows Phone Companion on your personal computer and select one drive

Enter your account details

You will require a Microsoft live username and password to enjoy this service. After activating the Onedrive application, enter your username and password in the dialogue box. A link that enables you to share files between your device and your PC will be sent to your mail. Download the link on your phone.

Launch the App

Launch the app on your phone and enter all necessary login details again. Then confirm that you want the application to share your files between the devices.


Finally, remember to save all the settings and confirm on your PC that the synchronization was successful.


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