PodiumView Presents #StreetBallBenders2015, For Jogglers To Showcase Their Skills To The World @StreetBBenders

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Mayowa Bababunmi

With the abundance of talents in the country Nigeria, some of them yet to be harnessed but most significantly lots of them just unrewarded and they yet this talents remain one of those that can form an integral part of moving our football, sports generally to the next level, not just that but also move Nigeria’s entertainment to the elite clime.

Here we are talking about the Freestyle footballers, some people call them Tekkers but are popularly known as Ball Jugglers in this clime. They so have tremendous skills, drills, thrills, tricks and flicks that the regular footballers don’t have.  They do all manner of things with the ball, manoeuvre the round leather object with lot of dexterity and high level of balance, stamina and shape. Their artistry is pleasing and teasing to the eye and yet they don’t get the right accolades like the regular football despite the fact that they train as equal as the proper footballers or more just to master their skills.

Some great Footballer are known for this stunts, Ronaldinho is a Mastercraft, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, Neymar, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo amongst other are the few ones who are great footballers and freestyle footballers at the same time.

That is why PodiumView is organising an event tagged Street Ball benders to bring to the forefront the immense talents we have in this country to come and jostle for honour, get some recognition and at the same time amaze the watching audience with their unbelievable skills.

Speaking to reporters was the MD/CEO PodiumView Suara Abass as he highlighted the essence of the competition, “this would be a great platform to reward this flowing but untapped talents who get a lot of lashes for their skills by their local community saying is this what they want to do with all their live because they can’t make as much money as the regular footballers would make but they don’t know the likes of Andrew Henderson of UK and Sean Garnier of France makes over $50,000 annually freestyling and surface in advertisement with their skills and also signing endorsement deals.

He further stated that the musicians, the actors, the comedians and the prankster are no better entertainers than them and this is why this first edition of Street Ball benders which is already trending on social media with #StreetBallBenders2015 and @StreetBBenders would take centre stage at the Indoor Sports Hall University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria on Friday 9th October, 2015.

Loads of music, dance and comedy to blend along and amazing prizes to be won by the  best performers, endorsement deals and the watching audience won’t miss out to reward their spectatorship.

Answer trivia questions on social media by following the #StreetBallBenders2015 hashtag and tweet at @StreetBBenders to win entry and raffle tickets.

To contest if you have got the skills and for sponsorship details contact: streetballbenders@gmail.com or podiumview@gmail.com



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