How So schedule Gmail Messages

gmail-inboxGoogle has revolutionized the way organizations performs their daily operations. In one way or the other a business connected to the internet use Google to search for ideas, images and share documents.

Interestingly, you can now schedule Gmail messages by simply setting a date and time you want to send it to the recipient. It helps you ensure that messages are delivered on time and also, you do not need to rely on creating drafts which you may need to open before sending each message. There is no need to worry about forgetting to send an important email to your boss who is out of Lagos.

If your job is heavily reliant on emails, you can consider using this feature., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal offers tips on how to send Gmail messages at a later date.

Add Boomerang Extension

Boomerang extension allows you schedule messages for later depending on the time you so desire like 1 hour, 2 hours or one month after. However, you have to allow Boomerang full access to your Gmail account.

  1. Compose the message in your Gmail and click on send later.
  2. A dialogue box will pop-up requesting that you schedule the message which you composed by indicating the date and time you want the message sent.
  3. You can also cancel scheduled messages.
  4. To cancel a scheduled message, click on the boomerang icon nigh the Google Apps
  5. You can only use this extension to send mails to 100 receivers

Use Google Sheet

  1. Compose your message and save it as draft
  2. Create a copy of a Google sheet. Open it, click on file and from the drop down menu click on Script Editor.
  3. Go to tools and click on Script Editor
  4. The script editor will open in another browser.
  5. Look for file by clicking the script editor and go to project properties and change your timezone to Lagos. Then save.
  6. Go to resources and click on All your triggers
  7. After you have filled the triggers, publish it by clicking on deploy as sheets add-on
  8. You can now schedule emails


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