Destination Of The Week: Nasarawa

unnamedLocated in the North central region of Nigeria, Nasarawa State which was created from Jos on 1st October, 1996, is a blessed with a unique land forms dotted by mountains and hills and a luxuriant area view that does its best to capture the full attention of every visitor.

Along these landmarks is a thriving cultural life celebrated and appreciated through festivals, traditional rites, language diversity, religious beliefs and grand hospitality that dazes visitors to the state.

Largely an agrarian region despite sitting comfortably on natural minerals, it has 13 local governments with a population of a little above 2 million according to the 2006 census and shares boundaries with 6 states namely-Kaduna, Kogi, Benue, Abuja, Taraba and Plateau. The capital of this state gives tourists an unrestrained negotiations with nature is Lafia. Other cities popular cities in Nasarawa aside from Lafia include Mararaba, Akwanga, and New Nyanya.

With these effervescent features, the state is becoming a destination for tourists. Recognizing these potentials,, summarizes tourist attractions, places to eat, unwind and fun facts about the solid mineral state. This will no doubt help tourists traverse the Nasarawa labyrinth.

Top 3 sites

Fakin Ruwa Waterfalls

This is arguably the most popular tourist site in Nasarawa. Like passing the house of a king without greeting, a tourist’s visit to the state is boring and inanimate without checking out this amazing waterfall.

It is located in Farin Ruwa development area in Wamba local government area, Lafia. This undisturbed gift of nature falls from a height of 150 km and this excitingly makes it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Nigeria. It is best to visit Farin Ruwa during rainy season. This is when the captivating beauty of the fall will be glaring to all visitors.

Peperuwa Lake

The Peperuwa Lake is a natural lake that fun lovers frequent to relax, indulge and take the time off work because of the rich resources and sightseeing activities which the lake offers to their eyes.

The waterside features animal attractions including the hippopotamus, fishes, and duck among other sea creatures. It is located in Assaikio, Lafia with a game reserve situated opposite the lake.

Keana Salt Village

Salt in Keana is as free as water because it is available in unlimited quantities. If curiosity takes the better of you, you can visit the Keana local government area to observe the production and processing of salt and the speed with which it packages will leave you in awe.


With the repositioning of the tourism sector, the influx of visitors to the state has increased geometrically.

As the state’s capacity expands, the la crème de la crème in the hotel business are basking in the euphoria of the opportunity Nasarawa is presenting as they create a blend of affordable cum expensive hotels.

In this city, tourists will never be stranded because they will always find a comfortable lodge to stay. The popular hotels include Halifat Sunnah & Suites, Gream Hotel Ltd., Freshland Hotels Limited, Oasis Grand Hotel and Garden, Benevis hotels and Zuma Luxury Suites. You can find more affordable hotels by visiting


The people of Nasarawa state are warm, welcoming and hospitable. And if you are a food enthusiast, you can leave your food at home. You do not need to be perturbed about where to eat or unwind. There are uncountable eating spots evenly distributed in Lafia and other towns or suburb. Some of the restaurants are Awid Place, African Kitchen, Taj Mahal Indian and Essence Restaurants and Fast food.


From street markets tucked in the suburb and high-end shopping centres, there’s a place for everyone. Although there are known names present, there are list of small scale boutiques, malls and business centres offering desired services. The centres include Batulu Business centreJonitex, Sarry wine shop, world gate shopping centreand Wine shop


The Fakin Ruwa waterfall was discovered by the British colonial government in the 1950s. This makes it one of the oldest waterfalls in Nasarawa and Nigeria.

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