Water Trouble!!! Poisonous Snake vs. Deadly Fish: Who Wins?


So this was all over twitter… battle of the century… blah blah blah… Apparently a poisonous snake decided to pick a fight with a deadly fish… Who Wins?

Australian spearfishing champion Rick Trippe was exploring a WWII wreck in in Darwin Harbour when he happened upon two venomous sea creatures engaged in the deadliest makeout session ever recorded.

In a sign that doesn’t point to sanity, Trippe told the BBC that he grabbed the snake at the back of the head and pulled the poisonous pair from the water to get this super-dangerous selfie.
Rick Trippe

“I could hear the fish croaking so I let them both go, but the snake made a beeline back to the fish,” he explained to the BBC.

So it sounds like the snake was victorious, at least for a little while. There is a good chance that it died later from the stonefish bite.

The BBC reports that a stonefish’s venom can kill a human in two hours if not treated. And we’re pretty certain the snake didn’t have immediate access to harbour healthcare. No pockets to hold its ID card.

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